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How Does TubeFool (YouTube Marketing Software) Actually Work?

A few weeks ago Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse got in touch with me to help them promote his new youtube marketing software “TubeFool“.

I knew quite a bunch of my friends had been looking for something like this so I decided to send out some emails about it.

Since then I’ve been getting questions from people who bought it and people who wanted to buy but weren’t completely clear about how the software actually works.

So, to make things easier for everyone Mark and Alex decided to shoot some screencast videos of them using the software.

Here is the “under the hood” look at TubeFool. In this video Mark Dulisse uses the app with some of his multiple youtube accounts to showcase all the features and tricks that Tube Fool has to offer:

Tube Fool one dollar trial

TubeFool Live Demo Part 1

Visit for more info and purchase options

TubeFool Live Demo Part 2

Visit for more info and purchase options

If you’ve watched these two videos and the ones at the TubeFool homepage and still have questions about the software just leave a comment below or send me an email to “staff at”

How To Make Money and Become Famous on Youtube (1 Hour Presentation)

Last year my good friend Gideon Shalwick travelled Los Angeles to speak at the Blog World Expo event. It was a huge blogging and internet marketing event with over 4,000 attendees – the biggest event of it’s kind.

This presentation is about an hour long, and he explains his famous YouTube Business Blueprint for you to implement in your business.

Grab some coffe and a notebook and enjoy the keynote.

Oh and, after you watch it, please leave a comment to share your thoughts!

How To Download YouTube Videos to Your Dropbox Folder

I’ve just discovered a great new -free- way to download youtube videos and it’s integrated with one of my favorite apps, dropbox.

Video Dropper will not only download any video you want but it will upload it to your dropbox cloud folder so that you can check it anywhere, even on your iphone…

Pretty cool huh!

Give it a try.

download youtube videos to dropbox

Videodropper lets you send YouTube videos directly to your Dropbox folder, so that you can watch them later at your leisure.

You can also choose to optimize videos for viewing in an iPhone/iPod Touch.

Login with your Dropbox to start the action.”

How To Change Your YouTube Channel URL (Partners Only)

Don’t like your youtube username anymore? Here is how to change your YouTube channel URL! Maybe you’re stuck with a channel name you don’t really like anymore, but all your videos, views and subscribers are on it already. How can you change your existing channel name to something else on YouTube?

Well, you unfortunately can’t change your YouTube account name, but you can setup a vanity URL that redirects to your existing channel with a mask.

Follow the steps in this video by Tim Schmoyer from Reelseo if you are a youtube partner and you’ll get your new channel url in just a few days.

Note that this is not changing your account name, it’s just simply a URL redirect, that’s all. Your name will appear the same in people’s sub boxes, when you comment, upload, etc. Changing one’s account name is still very much not possible due to technological limitations on how YouTube infrastructure is setup.

Do you think this will effect your SEO and the way your videos rank on youtube and google?

Video Traffic Academy – YouTube Marketing Course

My good friends Lewis Howes & James Wedmore have put together a very special video revealing Exactly how to get massive results with Youtube.

Watch it HERE!

youtube marketing video traffic academy

They show you how to drive a TON of traffic on YouTube without spending a lot of time or money on your video marketing efforts.

I’m serious, this video they put together shows you step by step on how you can do this for your business today!

Click Here to see how it’s done for yourself.

In fact, they’ve boiled everything into 3 simple steps… Watch the video here:

You’ll discover exactly how to set up a profitable Video Marketing Campaign & leverage Youtube’s 3+ Billion Daily Views to funnel your share of targeted traffic straight to your website!

You can thank me later for showing you this as it’s already helping me get a ton of traffic :)

Video Sponsoring – Trying Out the “YouTube King” Techniques

If you are in my email list you know I’ve been playing around with some of the “king tricks” taught inside Paul McGregor’s video sponsoring course.

I like the fact that it he’s teaching stuff that everyone can use to get more traffic, increase youtube views, get more exposure and make money on youtube… Even if you are not a youtube partner.

I sent out an email with link to a private “workflow” video from inside the course but you might not have got it so if you want to take a look just let me know (via email or comments) and I’ll give you access.

It’s a video where he shows what a typical day looks like, how he approaches JVs on youtube to do collabs for contests and sponsorships.

youtube video sponsoring

I made 200 bucks the next day of getting the YouTube King course just by sending an email to a guy with a youtube channel so I can see everyone making money and getting traffic using these “king tricks”.

Let me know if you want to check out the private video and I’ll give you a password.


Download VideoShadow, The BEST YouTube Video SEO Tool

videoshadow seo toolIn the last few months I’ve been playing around with a nice keyword research SEO tool for youtube videos. This is not like the free google keyword tool, it’s actually 100 times better and gives you TONS of valuable data that you can use to rank your videos on the first page of google.

I’ve made some of my videos appear in the search results (some in first place, some in the third place) for the keywords that I was optimizing for.

Since it’s working for me, I thought I should let you know about it, because it works.

Click here to get VIDEO SHADOW:

Here is what VIDEO SHADOW can do for you:

Choose the exact keywords that get a lot of views in youtube
Spy on the competition and gather more keywords to use in the title and tags
Get your videos on the 1st page of google (some keywords in google don’t display video results… so you have to pick the right keywords)
Find out how many backlinks your videos need to beat out the competition
Find out how old the competitors’ videos are (and how big your chances of outranking them)
Find out how powerful the competitors youtube channels are and how many videos they’ve uploaded
Pick the categories that will get you more views…
Find out where the top 10 videos are getting the most views from…such as which related videos, blogs, etc.
Find out how keyword optimized the descriptions are in the top 10 videos and what they are advertising/where they are sending traffic
Find out how many people have favorited the top 10 videos
Find Title ideas that increase the play-rate

All of this can be done in less than 10 minutes… NOT 2 hours!!

Click here to get VIDEOSHADOW: