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Best Tips to Increase YouTube Views and Make More Money

This is probably one of the best produced videos I’ve seen in a while that teaches you how to increase your views and make more money on YouTube.

In it you can see my good friend Gideon Shalwick -who you probably already know if you don’t want to call yourself a video marketing noob- talking about the most important elements that your video MUST HAVE in order for it to get the most views on YouTube in 2011. Check it out:

Gideon goes a bit more in depth on how to monetize those views -and the different things you can do to make money from your videos- inside his Rapid Video Blogging report.

If you liked the production quality of this video you will love Rapid Video Creation (a secret training thing he has, don’t ask…)

Make sure you get the free report and start turning your video views into cash!

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  1. Jason Camardi

    on 14th May, 11 08:05pm

    I just want to recive more subscribers and freinds on youtube.

  2. Ali Jay

    on 22nd May, 11 07:05am

    Just downloaded it! lets see how it can help me ..

    Thanks for sharing,

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