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Ascii Art for your YouTube Channel – Subscribers Goals

youtube ascii artHere is a nice ascii text art that you can use to display your Subscribers’ Goals.

Use them to display how cool you are to people visiting your YouTube Channel.

You can modify the numbers (I had to add an extra zero to the right because I’m about to reach 7000 subscribers on my youtube account) or change the scale, add more goals (becoming a youtube partner, getting a million views, getting your video featured on youtube, etc)

<---Copy and Paste--->
█ 50 Subs ✔
██ 100 Subs ✔
███ 150 Subs ✔
████ 200 Subs ✔
█████ 250 Subs ✔
██████ 300 Subs ✔
███████ 350 Subs ✔
████████ 400 Subs ✔
█████████ 450 Subs ✔
██████████ 500 Subs ✔
███████████ 550 Subs ✔
████████████ 600 Subs ✔
█████████████ 650 Subs ✔
██████████████ 700 Subs
███████████████ 750 Subs
████████████████ 800 Subs
█████████████████ 850 Subs
██████████████████ 900 Subs
███████████████████ 950 Subs
████████████████████ 1000 Subs
<---Copy And Paste--->

Here is an extra tip: Add dates to show how fast your subscribers are increasing (more social proof for you).

If people see everyone is subscribing to your channel like crazy, they’ll think there must be something you are doing or giving away for free to get such attention.

This way people will watch your videos to try to find the “source” or the reason why everyone loves you.

Paste it on your “about me” section on your channel and keep updating it as you get more subscribers on youtube.

Here is the SUBSCRIBE ascii art that I use above my goals.



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Ascii Art for your YouTube Channel – “Subscribe Balls”

Here is another “call to action” ascii art that you can use on your “about me” box in your youtube channel to invite your viewers to subscribe.

A great way to get more subscribers on youtube is to constantly remind them that you regularly upload quality videos. You should say that at the end of your videos and use the annotations feature to make it easy for them to subscribe.


Another great way to get more subscribers is to offer them something if they subscribe. Like a private tutorial or an “unlisted” underground video.

I will cover this topic more extensively in my online course so if you want to learn how to get more views on youtube and increase your subscribers just sign up for my course and I’ll send you Secrets.

More Ascii Art For Your YouTube Channel:

Subscribe Ascii Art
Sub4Sub Ascii Art
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Ascii Art For Your YouTube Videos – “Comment!”

Do you want more comment interaction in your videos? Add a call to action at the end of them, use the annotations feature and write it down in your video description.

Here is a cool ascii art that you can use to engage your YouTube subscribers to increase comments in your videos.


I’m going to try it in a couple of videos to see how it works… Feel free to copy & paste it inside your video descriptions and your YouTube channel.

Doesn’t it look retro-cool?


Here are a few more: YouTube Ascii Art

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Ascii Art for your YouTube Channel – “Sub4Sub”

I’m not a big fan of the sub4sub thing on youtube. There are better ways to get YouTube subscribers really fast that don’t make you look like you are begging for attention.

╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╦╗ ‘

If you still want to do sub4sub try not to post requests via channel comments, it makes you look cheap.

Always do it via private messages and make sure you only do it with people with the same number of subscribers or less.

Here is a cool ascii text art that will let you know if someone accepts sub4sub requests.

I don’t use it but feel free to copy and paste it into your channel’s description box if you want.


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Ascii Art for your YouTube Channel – “Subscribe”

Here is a “call to action” ascii art that you can put on your YouTube channel’s description. It might not get you a lot more subscribers but at least it looks cool!


Simply copy and paste it into your channel description and share it with your friends.

More to come!

If you find more cool ascii art feel free to post a link to your channel in the comments down here to show off your creativity.

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