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Video Sponsoring – Trying Out the “YouTube King” Techniques

If you are in my email list you know I’ve been playing around with some of the “king tricks” taught inside Paul McGregor’s video sponsoring course.

I like the fact that it he’s teaching stuff that everyone can use to get more traffic, increase youtube views, get more exposure and make money on youtube… Even if you are not a youtube partner.

I sent out an email with link to a private “workflow” video from inside the course but you might not have got it so if you want to take a look just let me know (via email or comments) and I’ll give you access.

It’s a video where he shows what a typical day looks like, how he approaches JVs on youtube to do collabs for contests and sponsorships.

youtube video sponsoring

I made 200 bucks the next day of getting the YouTube King course just by sending an email to a guy with a youtube channel so I can see everyone making money and getting traffic using these “king tricks”.

Let me know if you want to check out the private video and I’ll give you a password.


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Download VideoShadow, The BEST YouTube Video SEO Tool

videoshadow seo toolIn the last few months I’ve been playing around with a nice keyword research SEO tool for youtube videos. This is not like the free google keyword tool, it’s actually 100 times better and gives you TONS of valuable data that you can use to rank your videos on the first page of google.

I’ve made some of my videos appear in the search results (some in first place, some in the third place) for the keywords that I was optimizing for.

Since it’s working for me, I thought I should let you know about it, because it works.

Click here to get VIDEO SHADOW:

Here is what VIDEO SHADOW can do for you:

Choose the exact keywords that get a lot of views in youtube
Spy on the competition and gather more keywords to use in the title and tags
Get your videos on the 1st page of google (some keywords in google don’t display video results… so you have to pick the right keywords)
Find out how many backlinks your videos need to beat out the competition
Find out how old the competitors’ videos are (and how big your chances of outranking them)
Find out how powerful the competitors youtube channels are and how many videos they’ve uploaded
Pick the categories that will get you more views…
Find out where the top 10 videos are getting the most views from…such as which related videos, blogs, etc.
Find out how keyword optimized the descriptions are in the top 10 videos and what they are advertising/where they are sending traffic
Find out how many people have favorited the top 10 videos
Find Title ideas that increase the play-rate

All of this can be done in less than 10 minutes… NOT 2 hours!!

Click here to get VIDEOSHADOW:

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Best Tips to Increase YouTube Views and Make More Money

This is probably one of the best produced videos I’ve seen in a while that teaches you how to increase your views and make more money on YouTube.

In it you can see my good friend Gideon Shalwick -who you probably already know if you don’t want to call yourself a video marketing noob- talking about the most important elements that your video MUST HAVE in order for it to get the most views on YouTube in 2011. Check it out:

Gideon goes a bit more in depth on how to monetize those views -and the different things you can do to make money from your videos- inside his Rapid Video Blogging report.

If you liked the production quality of this video you will love Rapid Video Creation (a secret training thing he has, don’t ask…)

Make sure you get the free report and start turning your video views into cash!

How Fast My YouTube Views and Subscribers are Increasing… AND WHY!

In the last few months I’ve been focusing on Increasing my YouTube Subscribers List, my Video Views and my Email List Readers here on How To Get Views.

I think one of the key reasons why this is working for me is that I’ve become more methodic and now follow a clear strategy to achieve it.

Writing this blog has probably been the number one reason why I’ve been able to keep my focus and get so many great results.

When I was in school I used to do mini-lectures with my friends right before the exams as if I was the teacher. This helped me learn the boring lessons so much faster and easier.

It’s the same here.

Because I blog about how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube I think I’ve become a real expert in the subject matter…

Results speak for themselves

Since February 2010 (about 15 months ago) when I launched this blog, my YouTube subscribers have gone from 4k+ to 16k. That’s close to a thousand new subscribers every single month. Not bad, right?

Views have also gone up like crazy. My main YouTube channel’s Total Upload Views (that’s the total number of views on all my videos) is now around 9,7 Million. That’s almost TEN MILLION PEOPLE who have watched my videos.

I have 46 videos with over a hundred thousand youtube views on my card flourish channel. Two of them have actually passed the 300k views mark.

Getting blog or email list subscribers is a totally different thing. When I started this blog I decided not to make a new YouTube channel to promote it just to see how far it could get without all the youtube traffic, which is funny -I know- but has thrown some really interesting results.

My email list is growing consistently every single day, which is pretty good considering I’m not driving any traffic from YouTube. I can’t imagine how big it could be if I also made videos instead of just text posts…

Who knows, I might just start doing that sometime ;)

Anyway, I already have a great youtube channel for my “obscure” little niche that I can use as a “real time” case study and it actually drives tons of traffic to my card flourish blog.

Why didn’t I create a specific youtube channel for How To Get Views?

As I said, it was a little “traffic” experiment but it also has to do with what I wrote at the beginning of this post.

It’s all about STRATEGY and FOCUS.

How Can YOU Increase your YouTube Views and Subscribers starting TODAY

Get a Plan

The first thing you need is a plan. You have to be able to keep focusing on it and to create AWESOME -not just good- quality videos.

Find out who you are communicating with, who your audience really is and give them what they want.

You can go back and read this 5 Lessons To Kick Ass On YouTube that I wrote long ago. They will help you get a clear vision and set up a plan of attack.

Invest on a Good Camera

It’s 2011 and you can’t just hope that people watch your low-framerate webcam videos. Save some money and get a good camera.

I bought a Canon 550D / T2i DSLR camera a few months ago and I totally love it. This little machine can create Hollywood-style movies and people just “like” my videos for how awesome they look.

It’s really hard to compete when everyone else is putting up amazing HD videos and you still use your old nokia to record yourself.

Get a DSLR camera and you’ll see why I’m proud to say it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in the last few years.

Create and Upload TONS of High Value Videos

To become a real YouTube Pro you will need not only quality content but also quantity.

People love it when you regularly upload new videos and so do the guys on the YouTube Partner Team.

If you want to start making money on youtube you will have to make A LOT of awesome videos. You’ll have enough time later to learn all the effective ways to increase youtube views there are.

Get a Blog TODAY

This is the completely opposite to what I have set up here right now. If you do have a youtube channel but you don’t have a blog where you can grow your email list…

You are doing it WRONG.

Find out how to set up a blog for your youtube channel, even if you already blog about any other stuff YOU WILL NEED a blog for your channel.

Here is my favorite guide on how to do this: Rapid Video Blogging (Free Download)

I can keep going but I think you have enough things on your To-Do list for now so get down to it.

Didn’t I start this post talking about FOCUS anyway? ;)

If you can’t wait to get more tips you can always subscribe to my email list and I -as a thank you- will send you my YT SUB MAGNET so you can too use it on your youtube videos.

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How To Effectively Increase YouTube Views in 2011

When you search google for “increase youtube views” or “buy youtube views” you get thousands of pages offering “cheap” services that promise to get you more views if you send them some money. Please, don’t do that.

Everybody knows that auto-refresh bots that change your IP and use proxy lists to try to trick YouTube into thinking the views are legit and are coming from different users…


It’s not the first time I write about how to increase youtube views in this blog obviously, in fact, about a year ago I wrote about the “4 fastest ways to increase youtube views you must know” and I’ve been looking for alternatives ever since.

If you browse through the HTGV archives you’ll find tons of practical tips on the subject but if anyone asks me what’s the number one thing they should focus on if they want to increase their views on youtube I will probably say:

Focus on creating HIGH QUALITY videos.

How To Increase YouTube Views in 2011There is no easier way to get more views than making videos that people like. You won’t make a video go viral just by telling people to share it with their friends. It just won’t work. It has to provide more value, or just be more beautiful, funny or stupid than any other video they can find on youtube.

Videos that go viral get so many views because people watch them over and over again, and they can’t wait to show them with their friends. Not because you pay someone to shove it down their throats!

Here is a real life example…

About a week ago I uploaded one of the most awesome card flourish videos EVER to my youtube channel. I went to bed that night and when I woke up, views exploded.

In just a couple of days it got ten times more views than normal, just because it was ten times better than any other random video on my youtube channel.

It’s been under seven days and this video is about to hit 50.000 views. It got featured on the YouTube homepage (Spain) and then got blogged by some high traffic blogs.


Because they saw how awesome the video quality, the music and the content (kick ass card flourish moves) was.
Everyone and their mothers on facebook were sharing it in their walls, twitter was ON FIRE.

It became the #1 Top Favorited YouTube video in Spain for 2 days straight.

Why? Because it was remarkable.

How To Really Increase YouTube Views in 2011

So, if you have a small ad budget to spend in fast “increase youtube views solutions”, think twice and put that money into video production or hire someone who can give you good content ideas and can make your videos remarkable.

My advice here is that next time you are about to upload a mediocre video to youtube, stop for a second and think

Is this a video that you want people to show their friends as an introduction to what you have to offer, does it really represent your awesomeness? If not, don’t try to buy fake views for it, spend your money and efforts in making it a video worth spreading.

And that, is how YOU should increase youtube views in 2011.

Now, let’s get to it!

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YouTube Keyword Tool vs Google Keyword Tool (free webinar)

“This is a guest post by my friend Casey Zeman

So I was doing “Keyword” research on a video that I was uploading to YouTube (whatever that means), and I went into YouTube’s Keyword Tool to start looking for keywords to best optimize my video.

Keyword analysis is somewhat a nebulous thing for a lot of people. Myself included.

What the heck is a keyword?

youtube google keyword tool

What does it sound like to you? A keyword is a word that is key to whatever content you are creating. For instance if you are creating a video about Bunnies swimming, then the keywords would have to do with Bunnies Swimming. But is that it?

Well, yes and no.

There are many people who go deep into Keyword Mad Scientist Mode. They don’t sleep, bathe, eat or anything else but lock them selves in a room believing that they are cracking “THE CODE” to keyword analysis.

Really just wasting precious time.

This is what I call extreme overkill…a version of analysis of paralysis.

However, on the latter end, there are people who UNDERKILL. This is where you really don’t offer enough keywords for the content or go completely unrelated to the content in terms of keyword placement.
For instance, the Bunnie’s Swimming video is tagged with “Make Money Online”.

Clearly those two things have a ton in common… NOT.

So what is the best solution for keyword optimization?

Google and YouTube both have keyword tools. I discovered, kind of on accident that just because a video is keyword optimized for YouTube doesn’t mean that it is optimized for Google… and Vice Versa.

Can your video get low searches on YouTube but still get to the First Page of GOOGLE?

I decided to answer this question for you:


I have set up The “Google vs. YouTube CAGE MATCH” Webinar (Don King Style) in regards to keyword optimization for VIDEO.

This free webinar will be held on Saturday the 26th of February, 2011.

It is an hour long all about how to best optimize your YouTube videos depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want in just register at gotomeeting here:

Casey Zeman

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