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Darren Rowse Video Blogging On Product Launches

This video caught my eye and I thought I’d share it here. It shows you how video blogging and video marketing are getting bigger and better every day.

With people like Darren Rowse, one of the most respected and successful bloggers on the internet -he owns the famous and has over a hundred thousand followers on twitter- switching to video blogging and YouTube to deliver his awesome content you can tell this IS the next big thing.

Many times people look at successful product launches and only see the huge sales numbers and total income generated but fail to see the foundations worked on behind the scenes for months and even years before a launch.

Sometimes this is because those talking about their product launches don’t want those considering buying their ‘how to make money’ products to know it’s actually hard work and sometimes they tell you – but…. well we only hear what we want to and the dream of fast money makes us deaf to the reality.

This video encourages bloggers to keep the glamorous big picture launches in mind but to also do the unglamorous daily things that take you closer to the big pay day!

Talking about video blogging and product launches, Darren Rowse wrote the foreword for my friend Gideon Shalwick‘s Rapid Video Blogging report that he’s giving away for free, where he teaches you exactly how to use YouTube and your blog to build a successful long-term business on the internet.

This is pretty much what I’m doing myself for a living. I have a few blogs beside How To Get Views and I use YouTube to drive traffic to them and connect with my audience.

I can tell you, when done right this whole thing pays off. All you need is dedication and effort but it can be done, and with YouTube, things get so much easier.

So if you have a blog and never heard of problogger I encourage you to add its feed to your google reader and go download (and read) Gideon’s Rapid Video Blogging report. It’s free!

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