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Don’t Enable Revenue Sharing on YouTube Before Reading This

I had to write this post “by popular demand”…

I will be covering the subject of “How To Make Money on YouTube” in deeper detail in the future, however, I had to get this topic out of the way as soon as possible because many of you have been receiving partnership offers from YouTube on some of your videos.

And we both know this is the result of those extra views I gave you ;)

Because many of you might be a little over anxious, I am going to cover the negative points first. However, I highly encourage you to read the whole series so you can make a fully informed decision regarding the program.

Here’s how Revenue Sharing works:

YouTube will be monitoring its site for videos that quickly go viral, and will then reach out to the content uploader with an Email invitation to “Enable Revenue Sharing” on that video. If you choose to enable the feature, then YouTube will place ads against the video and will give you a cut, which gets paid into your Google AdSense account.

“Individual video partnerships will not be eligible for many of the benefits of user partnerships, like enhanced channel features or the ability to monetize other videos in your account.”

YouTube emails you to Enable Revenue Sharing on your video

It’s so exciting, you open your inbox one day and there it is, an unexpected email from YouTube saying something like: Congratulations, your video “How To Get Views POSITIVE Review” *cough*subliminal attempt*cough* has become popular and it’s now eligible to join the YouTube Partner program so you can start to make money with your awesome video today!

So cool.

In fact there is a tear running down your cheek. Your prayers have been heard. You’ve made it!

Ok, that might be too much, but the fact is that you are so excited dreaming about all the money you are going to earn that you immediately apply without even giving it a second thought.

That’s just WRONG and here is why:

Actual human beings from the YouTube staff review each submission individually AFTER you decide to apply for the program.

The following is some of the “fine print” from YouTube…

“Now, when you upload a video to YouTube that accumulates lots of views, we may invite you to monetize that video and start earning revenue from it. To determine whether a particular video is eligible for monetization, we look at factors like the number of views, the video’s virality and compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service.”

What they don’t tell you is that those emails are sent by some kind of automated system that measures the “viral” factor of your video.

Naturally, you have the chance to opt in if you feel like your video is completely original, but if you do, some guy will make sure that it is eligible for revenue sharing.

So here are some things that you want to double check before hitting Go! on that invitation.

10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Activating Revenue Sharing on YouTube

1-Make sure you own the rights to all the video content. This includes images, music, etc. Otherwise it will be rejected.

2-If they reject your submission they might block the audio or flag your video for copyrigh infringement.

3-In-Video ads are annoying. Measure the negative effect that they may cause to your subscribers’ experience.

4-Unless your video has millions of views you will NOT become rich. End of story!

5-Random ads don’t provide value to your viewers. They are “contextual” but not very accurate.

6-You can’t control what gets shown on your videos, so you might be associated with companies you don’t like.

7-You must have or create a Google Adsense account to be able to receive checks (if you ever do)

8-There is a minimum payout of $100 on Adsense that might take you several years to reach.

9-Considering all this info… Do you really think your subscribers deserve it?

10-There are other more profitable and less intrusive methods to make money on YouTube.

And I will teach you how to master those methods.

For now, please move to part two of this article where I’m going to cover the positive aspects of joining this program and how to activate it on your YouTube account.

How To Enable Revenue Sharing To Make Money On YouTube

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  1. John

    on 23rd Jun, 10 12:06am

    Hey, thanks for the information. Even though this information was helpful, I am more intersted in how YOU got my video so many view so fast. I mean, it’s gotten over 1000 views in the last 3 days.

  2. JVerusSAnimusA

    on 1st Aug, 10 07:08pm

    Thanks for sharing that information! I was considering applying for Revenue Sharing but now that I know the details behind it, I’ve decided against it. There are other ways I can make money. Thanks for the advice! =)

  3. Ivin

    on 14th Sep, 10 01:09pm

    I am on the other side of the spectrum. Working my behind off and still have views below the hundreds. I wanted to join the prog but received a warning: “if you’re application is rejected you may only apply again in 6 months.

    Food for thought.

  4. robert

    on 19th Sep, 10 09:09pm

    I absolutely disagree. I put up a lot of videos (one or two a week) and receive lots of views and many are revenue share enabled. Guess what Since I started this about a month ago I make on average 7-10 dollars a day. thats an extra 70 dollars alone from youtube a week!
    could I retire on this now… no. But the extra 350 last month covers my HOA fees.

  5. John

    on 20th Sep, 10 05:09pm

    Here’s a questions for you…

    How can you add photos (that aren’t yours) to a video without violating the copyright? I’ve seen popular Youtubers do this and their pictures almost look like screenshots …would that work?

    Please reply.

  6. Alvi

    on 8th Oct, 10 11:10am

    tnx i got 785 views in my new video:)in just 1 and half day:)

  7. Name (required)

    on 18th Feb, 11 07:02pm

    I have a channel called Suburban K-9 dog training that has recieved 15,000 views in three weeks. I just recieved an email from youtube for a video about a food aggressive dog that has recieved 14,000 of my views. I accepted it, but I’m not sure after reading this article if it is worth it. What do you think?

  8. Michael Rucci

    on 27th Mar, 11 06:03am

    A couple of my youtube videos have been offered revenue sharing. However, I will never give AdSense another try after a blogspot I did after years finally reached over $100 in revenue (the minimum for payout) only to have google accuse my account of fraud. There is basically nothing you can do to fight it and google walks away with the profits.

  9. Elena

    on 1st Apr, 11 02:04pm

    Thank you very much for this. I have now decided not to go ahead with enabling revenue sharing. I got around 5,000 hits in a few days and it has become around 20,000 since. However, the video is an edit so would breach YouTube Copyright and therefore would put my whole account in jeopardy.

  10. George

    on 5th May, 11 10:05am

    Interesting articles. It prompts new ideas. Can I use You tude to produce and flight advertisement for small businesses?

  11. David

    on 19th Jun, 11 03:06am

    How many views does a video need to hit the $100 mark????

  12. Felicia

    on 2nd Sep, 11 12:09pm

    YouTube sent me this

    Dear ThePlaylist4,

    Your YouTube account ThePlaylist4 might be eligible to earn revenue from the playbacks of your videos.

    Making money from your videos is easy. Here’s how it works: First sign into your YouTube account. Then review and complete the steps outlined here:

    If your account is enabled, we may place ads next to the videos you submit for monetization. You will earn a share of the revenue from the ads as long as you meet the program requirements.

    Thanks and good luck!

    The YouTube Team


    Is this full partnership

  13. Joos Huys

    on 17th Sep, 11 08:09pm

    Dear Alejandro,

    I’m working on an animation series and have worked 900 hours on it so far, producing four episodes. I’ve used little parts of music in some episodes. For instance, I’ve used ten seconds of the instrumental music of ‘I believe I can fly’ in on of my videos. I get how using a whole song in your video is not allowed, but could small parts of songs also lead to flagging of my videos or my channel being blocked?

    I would like to take the offer of monetization, as long as my videos and channel are safe,

    Thanks in advance,


  14. admin

    on 18th Sep, 11 04:09pm

    You can upload them but you won’t be able to monetize them :(

  15. digitalpbk

    on 14th Nov, 11 05:11am

    Thanks a lot for these advice, but can you tell me how many views are required to get you in for revenue sharing ?

    On a side note your comment styles are messed up.

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