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Enable Revenue Sharing on YouTube But Don’t Use AdSense!

So you’ve just discovered that Enabling Revenue Sharing on YouTube is not a bad way to start. Now, we are going to reverse engineer the thinking…

YouTube offers you to sign up because they really can’t lose.

The question is, how lucrative is it for the advertisers? They might not get many direct sales from the ads that get shown over your videos, but the ads create excellent brand “awareness”.

How many times have you clicked one of those banners?

The truth is that most of us never pay attention to adsense banners, at least not on a conscious level.

Do you know how Google compensates advertisers for banner ad clicks?

Usually if nobody clicks on them, the advertiser doesn’t have to pay Google. So they get free exposure!

You’ve just learned one of the secrets of pay per click (PPC)…

The other method of payment is CPM, which stands for Cost per 1000. However if your video doesn’t get enough views, you won’t make a single cent.

What Can You Do to Instantly Increase Revenue?

It’s simple.

Once you get your revenue sharing video approved, check out the kind of advertisers that are showing up every time your video gets played.

Contact them.

Make an offer to the company that you will create a video review of their products, or whatever it is that they are advertising.

Tell them that their banner is showing in your “Official YouTube Certified Partner Account” videos and that you feel like you can provide more value to their brand if you do a little review for them.

You can ask for a fixed amount of money or the actual product itself.

Then find a way to get a lot of views to your video fast and contact them to show proof of your work and instant results.

This is where your subscription to “How To Get Views” will REALLY pay dividends!

Trust me, THIS works!

And, we have effectively eliminated the “middle man”, Mr Google himself!

Here is the Magic Formula, write it down as I’m going to be talking about it in my upcoming posts.


Let me break this down for you…

LOV= Lots of views.
EC= Entertaining Content
POA= Plan of Attack

Let’s look at some possible situations…

LOV + POA but not EC

If you have views and some links on your description and annotations, but your video content sucks, people won’t click through and you won’t make money.

EC + LOV but not POA

This is probably one of the most common situations.

People with great videos, a lot of views and no way to cash in on their value. You have almost completed the Magic Formula. All that is needed now is to implement my lessons and tips to start to monetize your videos.

EC + POA but not a LOV

If you have a plan to monetize your videos, which are awesome, then you just need people to watch them so you can make a lot of money. How To Get Views is going to help you here a lot.

Congratulations if you are one of the members contacted by YouTube.

If not, keep implementing my lessons and try to find new, creative ways to get more views to your videos and feel free to share them with the rest of the community.

If you want to share your ideas you can send me an email with an article or guest post and I will be very glad to give you some feedback and maybe post them here.

So, has YouTube emailed you already? ;)

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  1. Rneogy

    on 3rd May, 10 08:05pm

    Awww. I wish I saw this post before accepting my revenue sharing invite…

  2. Connor Crosby

    on 5th Jul, 10 02:07pm

    I got one a month ago or so and they said I had copyrighted music even though I said it was from

  3. nobody you know

    on 24th Feb, 11 08:02pm

    so how many views do you think it takes tro get you a request for revenue sharing?

  4. citygirlw

    on 10th Mar, 11 08:03pm

    i just been approve for one of my video for revenue sharing.ok now you mention that to contact the company and let them know that there ad is showing up on your video page. ? how can i contact the advertisement

  5. Harry Padfield

    on 17th Jul, 11 05:07pm

    After reading your article i think i lack a plan of attack , i have 3 videos with revenue sharing and im slowly starting to get more subs and views but i think i lack an over all plan , so just wanted to say thank you after reading what you have to say it has really made me think about my channel and how to go about it :) .

  6. sikbeatzaus

    on 23rd Sep, 11 04:09pm

    great info man im part of the car audio scene on youtube and will definetly try these techniques out my vids barely get past 100views my latest vid is going the best 190+views in 3days but still miles away from revenue sharing which im dreaming for oh and this is the link

  7. Georgia

    on 29th Nov, 11 04:11pm

    I have just recieved the email, and I hope I did the right thing in accepting:) You can see my video here:

  8. tommy-g

    on 1st Dec, 11 08:12am

    The video I wish to upload is for charity. The soundtrack in the video and some pictures i got are from the net. Any money I raise from revenue sharing etc will be dedicated to this charity. What are the chances of Youtube allowing me to use this material to make money for the cause?

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