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Frozen YouTube Views – Why is my video stuck?

Quick update from my new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

I’ll keep this short as the keyboard doesn’t allow me to keep up with the usual tone of the blog. I’m finishing up a 2000 words article that I will probably split into 3 posts covering a really cool topic that I’m sure you’ll love reading….

Anyway, here is the news.

You’ve probably experienced a slow update on the views count of all your youtube videos. Don’t worry, it’s happening to everyone, even on the most popular youtube videos with millions of views.

It seems to be an issue with youtube insights that is taking more than expected to update analytics for video views.

I found this thread on the youtube support forum where a guy did some research on the cache version of the videos that showed the same number of views for videos with millions of views and no increase in over ten hours.

I’m sure they will fix this soon so don’t worry if your video is stuck or you don’t get a lot of views in a couple of days.

Keep working and let me know if you discover anything about this.

Here is the forum thread:

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  1. TomPier

    on 4th May, 10 11:05am

    great post as usual!

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