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Get A Free Rapidshare Premium Account To Host Your Footage

free rapidshare premium account

If you need an online storage and sharing service to host your video footage or just want to download faster and without limitations then a rapidshare premium account would definitely come in handy.

A few days ago rapidshare announced that they won’t be using their points system anymore to reward uploaders everytime someone downloads a file hosted in their premium account.

Now they’ve just opened registrations for their Premium accounts at no cost. It seems like they are in the need to renew their image completely…

No more waiting to download files, no more entering captchas, user limit exceeded…

If you want to get your account just sign up at

Do it before they change their mind and close the registration or start charging again ;)



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  1. hassan

    on 13th Jul, 10 04:07pm

    i want to say that i want to get a free premium account to get new updates

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