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Get More Subscribers on YouTube with my YT SUB-MAGNET 1.5

YouTube Sub Magnet Animation

If you are already subscribed to How To Get Views check your email for a secret link to download the YT SUB-MAGNET. If this is your first time here put your name and email in the form to the right so I can send it to you right away.

My YT SUB MAGNET will get you more subscribers on YouTube. It’s a free animation -that I got made for my own personal use- to put at the end of your videos as a “call to action” to invite your viewers to click the subscribe button.

The red arrow does a pretty cool twirl (gotta love Adobe After Effects) and epic sound to end up pointing to your subscribe button. Simple, elegant and effective.

My videos look so much more pro and I’ve experienced an important increase in subscribers since I’m using it. Give it a shot, you’ll love it :)

yt sub magnet arrow

I want to give it to you at no cost but all I ask is a little help with the promotion, maybe a tweet, facebook post or a link on your youtube channel… Be creative ;)



How To Download The YouTube SUB-MAGNET 1.5

Put your name and email in the form on the right sidebar so I can send you the YT SUB-MAGNET right away

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