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Get more youtube views using a sexy profile picture (Grey Hat)

Let’s talk about getting more views and subscribers on youtube using “decaffeinated” black hat techniques. But let me clarify something first, today’s lesson is only informative and I’m not, in any way, endorsing or recommending you to try this at home.

I haven’t tested this stuff myself but after doing some research I’ve discovered some interesting stuff that I thought you might want to know.

I’m talking about the impact of fake profile pics or avatars in the number of youtube views and subscribers you get.

sexy youtube avatars

I’m sure you’ve seen those “controversial” youtube channels with avatars of myspace-style emo girls shot from above to display their bold boobs eyeliner looks.

It might sound a bit stupid but in reality there’s more than meets the eye… And the results are shocking!

Sex sells, we can’t deny that, and some people seem know how powerful it can be to get you that extra exposure.

But of course there is where morals come into play so be careful and don’t forget your aim should always be long-term solid growth.

What this people do, in a nutshell, is to steal a portrait photo of a sexy girl (my quick research shows that they usually pick asian or emo looking girls with make-up all over their face) from some social network, crop it into a square and select it as their profile picture on youtube.

Then, they spend the day sending friend requests to people to appear on their friend’s box so that when someone visits their channel all the attention is drawn to the photo of her “sexy emo friend”.

I couldn’t test this myself but I’m sure the CTR (click through rate) on those photos is higher than in someone’s boring corporate logo.

Just click on some of those channels to check the massive amount of channel views and subscribers they get, even when they don’t have any video uploaded.

Another grey hat technique is to use these as your second youtube channels and link them to your main account using the other channel’s box, so that every time someone subscribes to your “fake sexy girl channel” they also subscribe to your main one.

It’s a bit similar to the case of misleading video thumbnails that people used manipulate by inserting frames into specific places on their video timelines.

Right now only partners can choose a photo to upload it as the video thumbnail to prevent this kind of cheating to go mainstream on youtube, but this doesn’t mean partners don’t use these grey hat / black hat tricks either.

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this subject so leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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  1. Nate

    on 18th Nov, 10 09:11pm

    I’ve met a few of the big boys from YouTube and like it or not most of them play this game – they own 100′s (sometimes 1000′s) of youtube accounts and they feature their video on all the accounts and box their channel on all the accounts – that way the second they upload a video they can start generating a buzz immediately – like it or not – that’s the way the game is played…….

  2. Name (required)

    on 18th Nov, 10 09:11pm

    You’re right, sex sells. as a matter of fact I have alot of those fake pic accounts on my channel. It doesn’t bother me because if they dont have any (Good) video’s, I will not subscribe. But they may get a channel view out of me, but thats about it. -Caramel

  3. Killice

    on 18th Nov, 10 09:11pm

    I think its just a sad way to get popular on youtube , first of all , people who have talent should be the ones with 100k subs , not some fake facebook girl ,

    You can say this is how youtube works , but i think , youtube needs to take action and see if fake accs have any video’s of any interest , otherwise what the f*ck are they doing on youtube ?!

    -My opinion

  4. admin

    on 18th Nov, 10 09:11pm

    The sad truth is that sometimes this little grey hat things are needed to grab people’s attention. You never know who you can stumble upon after the “conversation” is fired, maybe some influential (and a bit horny) contact that was looking for something like what you have to offer but would never find you otherwise. Peacock theory anyone?

  5. Mitchell

    on 19th Nov, 10 02:11am

    I think YouTube could have some sort of way to monitor inactivity on accounts or something along those lines. I know it’ll never work but there has to be SOME way to stop this. It’s like getting paid for wearing a mask.

  6. J. D. Haring

    on 19th Nov, 10 12:11pm

    I think it’s always better, in the long run, to be straightforward in one’s approach. After all, it is for me at least, more about getting long term growth with fans, friends, viewers and subscribers who are actually interested in and like to follow my creative endeavors than just getting a ton of onetime viewers.

    This “grey hat” gimmick seems like it will come back to bite in the long run. It’s kind of like the fine line of distinction between using all available technology to improve one’s peformance, to broaden one’s outlet for creativity and utilizing the same to compensate for a lack of talent.

    Just my opinion…

  7. lokk555

    on 19th Nov, 10 02:11pm

    Yeah. I have seen many of them with sexy photo and getting thousands of subscribers and wievs. I havent tried this and I never will. Because those subscribers dont have any point, they may not even like your videos & if you upload a video then they dont watch it! Theres no point of those sub4subs eighter.

  8. ZAchary

    on 19th Nov, 10 10:11pm

    I think youtube should come out with some sort of censorship program that will detect these things and also make alerts on inactivity

  9. Name (required)

    on 20th Nov, 10 04:11am

    What do you have to say?It really does work. I dont do it but my friend does tthe second channel thing and i am in that box. Subscribers per day tripled but also unsubscribtions happen fast from these people too.

  10. Cherry

    on 20th Nov, 10 08:11am

    Yup, I totally agree. There are a lot of accounts owned by males who have emo eye-catching girls as their icon. Only when you start conversing with them that you find out that they’re actually male! :/ That’s why it’s quite a risk now to say, “You’re so pretty!” ’cause you’ll also risk getting an answer like, “It’s not me on the picture.” >..< That's just so sad. It totally contradicts the purpose of having a YouTube acct. I hope YT bans Sub4Sub instead rather than limit the subscribing power of real viewers that don't have a lot of subscribers. *that issue with the subscriber-to-subscription ratio or something* :(

  11. admin

    on 20th Nov, 10 09:11am

    I do use the other channels box with people in my niche and other friends, I don’t see that as cheating at all, you are not faking anything and people have the option to not subscribe…

  12. Duarex

    on 20th Nov, 10 02:11pm

    I’ve seen soooo many of those people, but i never EVER clicked in their channel. Why? Because I know it’s all fake ‘n’ gay.
    Lately there have been even some *explicit* thumbnails around there…
    Never read the comments on someone famous’ profile, that’s where those guys go to.

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