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Hide the Subscribers Count on YouTube: Good or bad idea?

edit youtube profile information“Should I display the number of subscribers on my YouTube Channel or keep that info private?”

If you ask me I’d reply with another question… How many subscribers do you have right now?

The Subscribers Count is one of the most bold signals that tells you if a YouTube Channel is worth your time.

Normal youtube users (non partners) are not allowed to set the featured video on autoplay so when someone lands on their channel they have two options:

a) Click the play button and watch the video (with the risk of wasting a couple of minutes of their time if it’s not what they were looking for) or…

b) Scroll down to check the Subscribers Count and then decide to watch the video or walk away.

If a youtube channel has a lot of subscribers it means people have interest in the content that the user is offering.

So what happens when there is no option b)?

Well, if you don’t have a lot of subscribers -YET- it would be a good idea to keep that information hidden from your potential audience.

This way you are forcing them to check your great video content before they walk away.

You will increase youtube views (people landing on your channel will click play on your video) and also the number of people subscribed to you.

Cool eh?

This is how you do it…

How To Hide The Subscribers Count On Your YouTube Channel

Go to your channel and find the “Profile” box on your sidebar. This is the section where you display your name, channel views, total upload views, date when you joined youtube, etc.

Click “edit” and uncheck the fields that you want to hide.

Total upload views and Subscribers are signals of social proof, if you think you don’t have enough “social juice” follow my advice and uncheck them for now.

I recommend you fill in the other fields with as much information as you can.

“The more relevant text the better”.

Now you want to click “Save Changes” and scroll up to the options navigation bar on the header (below the youtube logo and search bow).

Click “Modules” and also uncheck “Subscribers” there.

hide youtube subscribers

That’s it!

If you can’t use big numbers to back you up and reinforce your social proof then this little tip will help you get some extra views and subscribers on youtube.

The only thing you have to care about now is to create amazing videos to make sure they stick to you and hit the subscribe button.



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  1. Jonny

    on 5th Jul, 10 01:07am

    If they can’t see the subscribers they could just look at the views to make their desision.

    BTW – All users have the option of autoplay now.

  2. seti11

    on 15th Jul, 10 10:07am

    it was very interesting to read.
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  3. admin

    on 15th Jul, 10 10:07am

    yeah it’s @htgv

  4. Name (required)

    on 26th Sep, 10 04:09am

    I don’t agree I think once someone subs they like to see there ID Photo there…The same as comments. If they don’t why go there. Why comment. Lets face it some have thousands of subscribers. And I am sure they visit only at least 5 to10 % of those only, and don’t even remember they have the others. But once they get that subscription has been removed notice it is a personal insult to them and some get nasty…Sure most channels have some great videos but over half are the little blonde down the street posting music remixes and most of them from other channels. It’s all becoming no more than a social spotlight for them and no more.. Keep your subs up and promote promote promote

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