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How Fast My YouTube Views and Subscribers are Increasing… AND WHY!

In the last few months I’ve been focusing on Increasing my YouTube Subscribers List, my Video Views and my Email List Readers here on How To Get Views.

I think one of the key reasons why this is working for me is that I’ve become more methodic and now follow a clear strategy to achieve it.

Writing this blog has probably been the number one reason why I’ve been able to keep my focus and get so many great results.

When I was in school I used to do mini-lectures with my friends right before the exams as if I was the teacher. This helped me learn the boring lessons so much faster and easier.

It’s the same here.

Because I blog about how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube I think I’ve become a real expert in the subject matter…

Results speak for themselves

Since February 2010 (about 15 months ago) when I launched this blog, my YouTube subscribers have gone from 4k+ to 16k. That’s close to a thousand new subscribers every single month. Not bad, right?

Views have also gone up like crazy. My main YouTube channel’s Total Upload Views (that’s the total number of views on all my videos) is now around 9,7 Million. That’s almost TEN MILLION PEOPLE who have watched my videos.

I have 46 videos with over a hundred thousand youtube views on my card flourish channel. Two of them have actually passed the 300k views mark.

Getting blog or email list subscribers is a totally different thing. When I started this blog I decided not to make a new YouTube channel to promote it just to see how far it could get without all the youtube traffic, which is funny -I know- but has thrown some really interesting results.

My email list is growing consistently every single day, which is pretty good considering I’m not driving any traffic from YouTube. I can’t imagine how big it could be if I also made videos instead of just text posts…

Who knows, I might just start doing that sometime ;)

Anyway, I already have a great youtube channel for my “obscure” little niche that I can use as a “real time” case study and it actually drives tons of traffic to my card flourish blog.

Why didn’t I create a specific youtube channel for How To Get Views?

As I said, it was a little “traffic” experiment but it also has to do with what I wrote at the beginning of this post.

It’s all about STRATEGY and FOCUS.

How Can YOU Increase your YouTube Views and Subscribers starting TODAY

Get a Plan

The first thing you need is a plan. You have to be able to keep focusing on it and to create AWESOME -not just good- quality videos.

Find out who you are communicating with, who your audience really is and give them what they want.

You can go back and read this 5 Lessons To Kick Ass On YouTube that I wrote long ago. They will help you get a clear vision and set up a plan of attack.

Invest on a Good Camera

It’s 2011 and you can’t just hope that people watch your low-framerate webcam videos. Save some money and get a good camera.

I bought a Canon 550D / T2i DSLR camera a few months ago and I totally love it. This little machine can create Hollywood-style movies and people just “like” my videos for how awesome they look.

It’s really hard to compete when everyone else is putting up amazing HD videos and you still use your old nokia to record yourself.

Get a DSLR camera and you’ll see why I’m proud to say it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made in the last few years.

Create and Upload TONS of High Value Videos

To become a real YouTube Pro you will need not only quality content but also quantity.

People love it when you regularly upload new videos and so do the guys on the YouTube Partner Team.

If you want to start making money on youtube you will have to make A LOT of awesome videos. You’ll have enough time later to learn all the effective ways to increase youtube views there are.

Get a Blog TODAY

This is the completely opposite to what I have set up here right now. If you do have a youtube channel but you don’t have a blog where you can grow your email list…

You are doing it WRONG.

Find out how to set up a blog for your youtube channel, even if you already blog about any other stuff YOU WILL NEED a blog for your channel.

Here is my favorite guide on how to do this: Rapid Video Blogging (Free Download)

I can keep going but I think you have enough things on your To-Do list for now so get down to it.

Didn’t I start this post talking about FOCUS anyway? ;)

If you can’t wait to get more tips you can always subscribe to my email list and I -as a thank you- will send you my YT SUB MAGNET so you can too use it on your youtube videos.

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    Thanks for the great info!

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