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“How to be a YouTube Star” by Bo Burnham: Over 1 million views

Everyone knows Bo Burnham, he is number 60 in the most subscribed YouTube users list, ever. And he is also a YouTube partner. How did he make it? The answer is simple, by being remarkable.

Here is an example…

His popular video “how to be a youtube star” has, by the time of this post, 1,250,113 views on YouTube. Yeah, over one million views in a funny video that talks about the truth behind youtube’s success.

While most people would give you serious data and detailed information on how to get views on youtube (like me for example), this guy is doing a parody video to sum up just one thing…

You have to be unique.

If you are unique , you’ll be a youtube star, people will subscribe to you and your videos will have millions of views.

That’s the key, do what other people is already doing but do it in a way they’d never even consider.

Changing the rules of the game is in your hands. Just one last tip, don’t be afraid of looking like a weirdo sometimes.

It works ;)

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