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How To Become a YouTube Partner – A Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide on how to become a YouTube Partner if you have a small but growing YouTube channel.

Basically, to become a YouTube Partner and start to make money on youtube you must meet 3 basic requirements:

Requirements to Become a YouTube Partner

  1. Create original content.
  2. Own, or have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload.
  3. Upload videos regularly, or publish popular or commercially successful videos in other ways (such as DVDs sold online).

To meet the first requirement, all of your uploaded videos must meet the YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

To meet the second requirement, be sure that all components of your video are your original creation, even the audio or background music.

To meet the third requirement, you need views, comments and interaction from your audience.

Your videos must become “popular” and your goal is to turn viewers into loyal subscribers.

If you want to become a YouTube partner, then you should also study the moves of partners who are making money.

Choose a niche, and keep on adding videos. It seems the frequency of uploading does matter because YouTube asks people how often do they put up new videos when they apply for partnership.

Videos need to be original. After partnering, YouTube asks five questions for each uploaded video (if you want to enable revenue sharing ads) as to whether there are components like images, music, video clips, etc., taken from elsewhere, and you need to make a declaration.

Videos have to be informative and helpful, optimized with proper title, description, and tags, and content must be consistent around a topic or niche.

Some people have achieved partnership with not so many youtube views and under a thousand subscribers. Here is an interesting video that you might want to watch:
Do You Need a Lot Of Views To Become a YouTube Partner?

Do you have what it takes? Then apply now!

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