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How To Change Your YouTube Channel URL (Partners Only)

Don’t like your youtube username anymore? Here is how to change your YouTube channel URL! Maybe you’re stuck with a channel name you don’t really like anymore, but all your videos, views and subscribers are on it already. How can you change your existing channel name to something else on YouTube?

Well, you unfortunately can’t change your YouTube account name, but you can setup a vanity URL that redirects to your existing channel with a mask.

Follow the steps in this video by Tim Schmoyer from Reelseo if you are a youtube partner and you’ll get your new channel url in just a few days.

Note that this is not changing your account name, it’s just simply a URL redirect, that’s all. Your name will appear the same in people’s sub boxes, when you comment, upload, etc. Changing one’s account name is still very much not possible due to technological limitations on how YouTube infrastructure is setup.

Do you think this will effect your SEO and the way your videos rank on youtube and google?

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