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How To Effectively Increase YouTube Views in 2011

When you search google for “increase youtube views” or “buy youtube views” you get thousands of pages offering “cheap” services that promise to get you more views if you send them some money. Please, don’t do that.

Everybody knows that auto-refresh bots that change your IP and use proxy lists to try to trick YouTube into thinking the views are legit and are coming from different users…


It’s not the first time I write about how to increase youtube views in this blog obviously, in fact, about a year ago I wrote about the “4 fastest ways to increase youtube views you must know” and I’ve been looking for alternatives ever since.

If you browse through the HTGV archives you’ll find tons of practical tips on the subject but if anyone asks me what’s the number one thing they should focus on if they want to increase their views on youtube I will probably say:

Focus on creating HIGH QUALITY videos.

How To Increase YouTube Views in 2011There is no easier way to get more views than making videos that people like. You won’t make a video go viral just by telling people to share it with their friends. It just won’t work. It has to provide more value, or just be more beautiful, funny or stupid than any other video they can find on youtube.

Videos that go viral get so many views because people watch them over and over again, and they can’t wait to show them with their friends. Not because you pay someone to shove it down their throats!

Here is a real life example…

About a week ago I uploaded one of the most awesome card flourish videos EVER to my youtube channel. I went to bed that night and when I woke up, views exploded.

In just a couple of days it got ten times more views than normal, just because it was ten times better than any other random video on my youtube channel.

It’s been under seven days and this video is about to hit 50.000 views. It got featured on the YouTube homepage (Spain) and then got blogged by some high traffic blogs.


Because they saw how awesome the video quality, the music and the content (kick ass card flourish moves) was.
Everyone and their mothers on facebook were sharing it in their walls, twitter was ON FIRE.

It became the #1 Top Favorited YouTube video in Spain for 2 days straight.

Why? Because it was remarkable.

How To Really Increase YouTube Views in 2011

So, if you have a small ad budget to spend in fast “increase youtube views solutions”, think twice and put that money into video production or hire someone who can give you good content ideas and can make your videos remarkable.

My advice here is that next time you are about to upload a mediocre video to youtube, stop for a second and think

Is this a video that you want people to show their friends as an introduction to what you have to offer, does it really represent your awesomeness? If not, don’t try to buy fake views for it, spend your money and efforts in making it a video worth spreading.

And that, is how YOU should increase youtube views in 2011.

Now, let’s get to it!

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