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How To Enable Revenue Sharing To Make Money On YouTube

youtube revenue sharing
In part one I covered the negative aspects of making the choice to Enable Revenue Sharing in your YouTube channel. However, not everything about it is so bad!

Lets look at it from the positive prespective…

I’m not going to lie. I do use AdSense ads on some of my videos as a test.

The money I’ve made doesn’t even represent 1% of the total amount of money that I make online every month.

My work with private clients, promoting affliate offers with videos and creating value for my readers, is far more lucrative.

But the fact is, you CAN make money on YouTube.

Because, something beats nothing EVERY time!

And, when you enable revenue sharing, you end up getting something that can be more valuable than money.

Look at it this way….

You have been contacted by a YouTube representative to work with them as an “official Partner” to share revenue. They like your work so others MUST know about it. It’s social proof and you need it.

Of course, you might disturb your subscribers with those banner ads blocking one quarter of your video but in the end it’s not so bad.

They can easily click the x button to close them and if they fail to do so and get redirected to a random ringtones scam website, you can always blame YouTube on your next vlog video on your seconday youtube account.

So what do you win when you Enable Revenue Sharing on YouTube

Social proof, respect, admiration and curious subscribers along with some bucks in your pockets sounds like quite enough for me.

And I can tell you from experience that once you start making money online, you will NEVER want to stop!

Some people just need a spark to fire up their potential.

Suddenly, youtube and the advertisers are actually paying you for shouting out their brands to your friends and fans.

Believe me when I say that your thinking changes BIG time! You want MORE!

It is just good old fashioned ambition. Not greed mind you, I’m talking about the thing that gives you strength, faith in yourself and motivation to keep working hard to achieve your goals.

Life without Ambition is just like a ship without it’s rudder

Positive ambition makes those life goals feel so close you can touch them. Greed makes you put ladies’ boobs on your video thumbnails to attract clicks and scam your viewers in exchange for a few lousy bucks.

Ok enough rant. Let’s get back on topic.

How to Enable Revenue Sharing On Your Video In 5 Simple Steps

First you have to set up a Google AdSense account. Just follow the instructions in the email you received. Then you just have to link it to your YouTube account and submit your video for the program by doing the following…

1- Go to “My Videos” section of your YouTube account

2- Locate your video.

3- Click the “Enable Revenue Sharing” button underneath your video.

4- On the following page, include details about your ownership of the necessary rights or explicit permission to commercially use all video material.

5- Click the “Submit” button.

Keep in mind that your video will go through a mandatory review so make sure you follow the rules. During this time, if your video is public, your video will remain public. As soon as it gets the OK it will start to generate revenue, or not…

There is NO guarantee that your submited video will ever make you any money.

In fact, it may not even display ads.

In part three, I reveal the REAL secret behind Revenue Sharing and how you can implement a smart technique to make more money using this feature.

DON’T miss it!!!

Enable Revenue Sharing On YouTube But Don’t Use AdSense

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  1. Ivin

    on 14th Sep, 10 01:09pm

    Thanks. I’m going to the next video now. Will implements this when the invitation comes.

    B.T.W where’s the commentluv or url’s for commentators? You should p[robably look at that. I’m sure it will encourage more comments.

  2. Aisak

    on 26th Apr, 11 05:04pm

    I have revenue sharing on some vids but I have more popular vids that are not enabled. I once found a link online that showed me how to submit my vids but now can’t find it to save my life. You wouldn’t happen to be privy to that information would you?

  3. admin

    on 26th Apr, 11 06:04pm

    Are you a Partner or just have been invited to IVP (individual video partnership)?

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