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How To Get 1500 YouTube Subscribers In Just One Night

Remember the email I sent you the other day inviting you to join YouTube’s Five Year celebration?

Scott Thomson aka Pro_Found, a proud member of How To Get Views and fellow card flourisher took a leap of faith and actually shot a video that very same day. He told the world how youtube changed his life.

What was the result?

He wakes up this morning only to discover 1500 new subscribers on his youtube channel.

EDIT: Just woke up myself and his subscribers are now 2800+. From four hundred something and a couple of hundred views to over 155.000 youtube views in 24 hours. Just wow!

featured video on youtube

By the time I’m writing this post he’s still picking up his teeth from the floor and trying to speak at the same time via skype.

I can’t understand a word he’s saying :D

Here is the video that got featured on youtube’s homepage and the fiveyear channel making it go viral and getting him so many subscribers overnight:

So, to answer the question that gives title to this post…

If you want to learn how to get more views on youtube, more subscribers and comments, and positive ratings then you must put just a bit of work every single day towards making this happen.

You MUST take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and take action. Listen to the advice and actually put it work.

So this is what I want you to do next:

If you are already in the mailing list then next time don’t miss an opportunity like this, if I say it’s gonna get you results then go for it, otherwise you’ll kick yourself again for not being featured next to Scott.

If this is your first time here then put your name and email on the form to the right so I can send you your free copy of Secrets and get you instant access to my course.

See you inside!


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  1. askMagic

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    I watched this video around 5 times because it was featured in the top 10 that appear on the home page when I log in. Fantastic job mate, I loved your video and the ending was quite awesome : )

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