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How To Hide The View Count On YouTube Videos

YouTube has just enabled a new feature on the “edit video” page that allows you to hide the view count on any video that you want.

It’s as easy as clicking the “Edit” tab when watching your video, scrolling down to the “View Count” section, checking “Hide view count for this video” and then clicking “Save changes”.

Why would you want to hide the view count for your videos?

The main reason that comes to mind is Social Proof. I wrote a little guide on how to hide the subscribers count on your youtube channel that also gives you some thoughts on when to do this and when to enable the count again.

If your videos are not getting a lot of views this could help you get past the mental barrier of viewers that won’t watch videos that don’t have a lot of views.

hide youtube viewsTrust me, there are a lot of these out there in YouTube.

Once your video gets enough views you can turn it on again so that everyone sees how good it’s doing.

Also, you can choose to hide the view count for the first couple of days after you upload a video and keep your viewership in suspense, then turn it on and make them come back to check. (That could double the views!)

Do you have any other ideas for this little trick?

Share them below!

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  1. Kye

    on 22nd Aug, 10 04:08pm

    I can’t seem to find the option to hide the view count.

    Is this option still available?


  2. admin

    on 22nd Aug, 10 04:08pm

    I just hidden it in one of my videos, could it be that I’m a partner? I think it should be available to everyone…

  3. Kye

    on 22nd Aug, 10 04:08pm

    That must be the case, I can’t find it anywhere…

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