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How to Make VIRAL Music Videos for YouTube

Here are some great tips from mashable’s interview with Cee-Lo Green, Auto-Tune the News, OK Go and other youtube music stars. They share their secrets to make your music videos go viral on youtube, apply them to your videos!

1. Make The Video Its Own Entity

“The goal is to create a video that enhances the song and can stand on its own, a video that people are not only going to want to watch again, but want to show someone else,”

2. Try a Cover Song

“We know you have your own sound that’s, like, 50 times better than any of the garbage out there, but no one’s going to listen if they don’t know who you are.”

One of my favorite examples is Maria Zouroudis (check her out!)

3. Be Patient

“Just as you’re not going to get a record deal after one gig, your first video may not blow up.” DON’T GIVE UP!

4. Rehearse – A Lot

“Most of our ideas, at minimum, take a week and often times months of rehearsal before we feel like we’ve got something good,” says OK Go’s Tim Nordwind

5. Have fun!

“Generally, if you’re having fun, people will have fun watching you.”

6. Be Frugal

“Make sure your budget is $0, so you don’t mind when your video doesn’t go viral”

7. Create Something Relatable

“Empathy, is an integral component of shareability.”

8. Know Your Audience

“The Internet has made the musical realm much more democratic. While Green’s jam was censored on the radio, it could be played in all its glory online”

9. Your Song Has to Be Good…

“Remember that a good video won’t save a bad song.”

10. And Then There’s Always Cats

“The Internet loves cats. If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.”

Via | Mashable

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  1. Mina

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    Great infromation for musicains on how to get youtube views
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    My video is going viral. What do you think of it?

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    Check out this new song from and up and coming artist.

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    Been having good luck with this!!!

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    on 15th Jul, 11 11:07am

    check out my cover of one republic’s apologize

    piano +cello cover

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    on 25th Dec, 11 05:12pm

    I made this cover of the beautiful song O’ Holy Night which is very special to me & I hope you enjoy it profusely!

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