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How To Set Up White Background Studio Lights for YouTube

Want to know how Apple creates those amazing videos for their products? Those videos where they have that nice white-as-snow background and crystal clear image quality? It’s not a green-screen, it’s just a light trick!

Inside this video, my friend Gideon Shalwick shows you exactly how to make your videos look more professional using some very simple, and also affordable, video and lighting equipment.

Well, he actually uses a Canon 60D DSLR and expensive fluorescent lights but you can achieve the same result with cheaper lights and flip-style pocket cameras or iPhone 4

Having videos like that displaying your products or simply just advertising your business can make a big difference for making your videos look more professional – just like Apple does it.

Gideon is an amazing video marketing guy and has a free report that teaches how to turn YouTube views into cash. You can check it out by clicking the link below:


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    on 29th Apr, 11 12:04am

    Very good video and warm transparency of the individual, person what works well in connecting with the audience. Talking one on one to each and every one not reading to them, talking over them. Have a studio under way and have the green screen, RE 20 mico, jib cranes, software and find videos really deliver in promoting the community area, the properties and very sparingly the brand. Thanks again! Question, get a lot of fans not real estate related and have held off friending. Mistake or wise?

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