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How YouTube Partners Make Money With Adsense For Videos and More

Even if you are not a YouTube Partner yet I’m sure you will find this video very interesting.

This video is a live webinar that was hosted on discussing the different sources of revenue for partners.

Curious about revenue sharing? Here you’ll learn about Instream ads, adsense for content host, overlay ads, pre-roll video ads, the new TrueView ads (they have a skip button) and also some information on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) like how much money should you expect from a video to generate and a very important key factor, building an audience.

The video is around half an hour long but well worthy if you are interested in knowing more about the YouTube Partner program and making money with your videos.

If you want to become a YouTube Partner you’ll have to learn a lot about YouTube so why not start here?

Here is a quick tip:

Do a search on How To Get Views (look for the search form in the blog’s sidebar) for the words “YouTube Partner” or “revenue sharing” and you’ll find some interesting posts that might change the way you see the whole “make money on youtube” craze.

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