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LESSON 3: Inspiration Sources – How to make Viral Videos

New lesson today, bear with me until the bottom of this long post ;)

Let’s start with something boring such as finances. Don’t worry it’s just for educational purposes and you will see why I decided to start like this in a moment.

In the stock market, there are basically two ways to make money. The first way is to get a small amount of the companies assets and wait until the company grows. This of course in the long term allows you to sell your shares at a much higher price than what you originally paid for since it gained value over time.

The other method is called Day Trading. It’s all about buying and selling the stocks within a couple of days, sometimes even between a few hours. The strange thing is the people earn more profits using this method compared to the long term pain-in-the-back one.

In YouTube it’s not so different. You can upload extremely detailed and elaborated videos that would take someone a month to shoot, edit and finally put together and it just might be worthwhile but chances are you probably wasted a considerable amount of time putting everything together only to receive a couple of hundred views on them, if lucky.

This is not to confuse you but the concept here is not Quantity vs Quality but rather You vs Them.

Let’s go through this together…

In general, humans are all different. They may not share the same likes and dislikes as you. You might enjoy listening to Justin Bieber while your best fan may listen to Lady GaGa. (Or hopefully none of this applies to you)

What I’m saying here is that what you think might be of high value to your audience could instead be a waste of time and effort if you don’t take the time to really understand your subscribers.

How can this be solved?

Since it is nearly impossible to conduct a survey on every one of your subscribers and considering that your goal is to attract much more than just the few that lurk around your YouTube channel, you should learn about the latest trends, the “what’s hot” on the internet and try to find the balance point between good hard-work content and long tail regular updates.

Well, you don’t have to do a daily digest but it certainly works. I recommend every client that hires me for video marketing purposes to set up at least one secondary YouTube account. I will go over the benefits of this later in this course but now I want to show you how to get started when you don’t know what to make a video about, how to avoid getting stuck and keep releasing fresh content to your subscribers and potential audiences every other day.

Where can I get inspiration to make viral videos?

Here are some great resources to find about what people is searching for almost in real time. Use them to get inspiration about topics to make videos for your youtube account.

Twitter Trending Topics

These are basically the most tweeted words that are occurring right now. What people are saying in real time. If you don’t know or never heard of Twitter, you should by all means HIGHLY CONSIDER creating an account as this is one of the strongest social tools out there, and every YouTube Star uses it (I’m just saying…).

Once you start reading people’s tweets, you will notice the # symbol. They will be followed by a keyword (i.e., #ipad).
These are called hashtags and are used to indicate topics. If you see a tweet of someone using a hashtag, you can click on it and you’ll be redirected to the twitter search for that keyword. It gets updated every second so you can get an idea of what people are discussing about the given topic.

Google Trends

This is one of those not so famous google tools that only marketers and weirdos like me use. It will show you the top searches for a defined period. It is pretty useful once you get the hang of it.


This by far the best social bookmarking site. If you manage to get one post to the frontpage there then you’ll get tons of traffic to your blog, but it’s also a great place to get inspired and there is even a whole video podcast show called Diggnation, which talks about the most popular stories on Digg. Remember to keep an eye on it. It’s a goldmine!

YouTube Most Popular

Simply sort YouTube videos by most popular, most watched or most discussed. You can watch daily, weekly and monthly results and you can also select categories and stuff.

Newspapers and TV

Isn’t this obvious? Yes, that is why I don’t use them ;)

There are other places you can go to but these will keep you busy for a while. Here is another overlooked one that works really well: Forums and discussion boards.

I will show you all the tactics that I use to get a lot of views on my videos by using Forums the right way. I’ll let you know via email so if you are not subscribed already, put your name and email me on the form to the right.

I promise to only send you good stuff ;) .

Now you don’t have an excuse, if you want more subscribers don’t sit around and throw the bait, make a video today!

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  1. Caesár

    on 25th Aug, 10 03:08pm

    Thanks Alejandro.

    It really helped.

  2. Ivin

    on 29th Sep, 10 12:09pm

    Thank you brother. I have no overload. Where am I gonna find the time to do all of this?


  3. Kay

    on 28th Oct, 10 11:10pm

    Alejandro, I am learning so much from you. Thanks!

    It seems like it would save time to consistently go to on source for inspiration.

    You are down on newspapers and television. How do you feel about magazines? A lot of them are really niched out and they, by necessity tend to have stories that can be photographed or that have a strong photographic element. I have never done any of this, but it seems that magazines would be a great place to look for ideas.

    What do you think? Still to trite?

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