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LESSON 4: Leverage – The Importance of a Secondary YouTube Account

I know you are tired of theory and stupid exercises so let’s start to implement practical stuff that works, right now. But first I want you to understand something:


Ability to influence a system, or an environment, in a way that multiplies the outcome of one’s efforts without a corresponding increase in the consumption of resources.

leverageIn other words, leverage is an advantageous-condition of having a relatively small amount of cost yield a relatively high level of returns. Thus,

“doing a lot with a little”

The Easiest Trick in the World to Double your YouTube Subscribers

I LOVE YouTube. They make it so easy for us to become popular but since we are so damn lazy we never end up using it to it’s full potential. I’m talking about a particular feature that you probably don’t use, or at least you are not using it as you should. It’s called “Other Channels”.

youtube channels

This little box allows you to display “up to 16 destination channels in the order you would like them to be shown in your channel.”

That’s not the best thing.

second youtube channelYou might think that nobody will go to your channel, scroll down to that box, see who you recommend, click on their display picture and then click again to subscribe to them. And you are right when you think that. Nobody will do that.

However, there is something that makes it really awesome: Every time someone subscribes to your channel, YouTube will recommend them to also subscribe to your “Other Channels” by showing them a list of already checked items (your other channels) that they might want to subscribe to.

It’s like YouTube telling them…

Hey, before you walk away just say yes and I’ll give you access to more awesome content for free. Just say yes and you are in!

So how do you use this to double your subscribers?

You guessed it right, simply sign up for a new YouTube account with a new email address, link them with the “Other Channels” and everytime you win a new subscriber it will count as two, as simple as that.

Ok, there is a catch…

I’ve got a lot of emails from people interested in making money with their YouTube videos. Some pople want to become a partner to enable revenue sharing with Google Adsense for videos, others just want to purchase one of those cool new Flip Slide HD pocket cameras to shoot videos in high definition, other people wan’t the money to promote their videos and get more exposure… And I’m going to teach you how to do it.

Hey! This is not doubling my subscribers!

For what it’s worth IT IS. If you start with 20 subscribers and in one year you reach, let’s say 900, and some company wants you to review a product or post a demo / trailer / teaser / unboxing video / interview / promo … To their eyes you just have 900 subscribers.

But, if you use this little trick you’ve just learned, once you hit 900 people you will infact have a base of 1800 subscribers. (two accounts with 900 subscribers each)

Now tell me, which option do you think is more appealing to the company willing to pay you for your advertisement services?

Ok, I got it but… Do people really use this?

People actually CHARGE for this. If you have millions of subscribers you can set a price to having a spot in your Other Channels’ list.

Just think about it…

Here is an example of a “top” YouTube user using this technique to attract more views and subscribers to his YouTube channels:

shane dawson youtube

His two YouTube channels, ShaneDawsonTV and ShaneDawsonTV2, are the fourth- and ninth- most subscribed of all time, according to YouTube.

Did he build the second channel from scratch? The answer is no. He used leverage.

Disclaimer time!: With this example I’m not saying Mr. Shane Dawson is charging people on his list to show up as a related channel. Just think about how much YOU could charge if you were in front of such a huge audience…

Don’t know what to use your secondary channel for? Here are some ideas.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Secondary YouTube Account

Do you have more ideas? Leave a comment below.

Enjoy your new toy,


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  1. Gideon Shalwick

    on 15th Apr, 10 09:04pm

    Not sure I get it…

    How would doubling up your subscribers in another account benefit my existing account? No one would know about the other subscribers in the other account unless I tell them right?

    Seems a bit incongruent.

    Gideon Shalwick

  2. Zachthecat1

    on 16th Apr, 10 10:04pm

    Hi its zachthecat1 and thanks for your help youve been helpful :D

  3. admin

    on 20th Apr, 10 10:04am

    Of course you can tell them Gideon but what I’m trying to say is that if some sponsor finds one of your accounts you can offer 2×1.

    Also, if you are a partner you can set a link on the header or just write some text in the channel modules.

    Video responses and annotations work very well to link videos AND channels together.


  4. Alex

    on 2nd Jun, 10 04:06pm your 2 channels have to have a different email? Beauase mine don’t

  5. admin

    on 2nd Jun, 10 05:06pm

    Yeah, you can set up a new gmail account in a matter of seconds, then redirect the emails to your main one.

  6. Lotsaentertainment

    on 25th Jul, 10 07:07am

    I use this but it really doesn’t benefit my second channel I know that when I sub someone I never accept the other channels because I don’t want my sub box full of crappy videos I don’t like lol

  7. Greg Voevodsky

    on 6th Sep, 10 09:09pm

    The reason you want 2nd and 3rd channels is to create a TV like network and try to separate and expand your audience. MTV created VH-1 for its aging MTV audience. It created MTV 2, when it stopped showing music videos and focused on reality shows.

    I have a very successful Relaxation/Nature/Travel channel network with multiple partners and multiple channels. WavesDVDcom comes from my nature sounds only DVDs… I have just launched HDnatureTV to create music videos with nature sounds based upon my video footage. This new music channel could easily be 3X larger than my main channel that fyi has 22k subs in about 9 months and 14k views per day earning me $20-$30 per day. There are a lot more and better tricks that what you have listed in your article so far.

    The real ‘advice’ for that channel box is to find the biggest and best partners with similar quality content and demographics and build a network like I did – I found the best nature / travel / relaxation music channels and brought us all together thus creating a very fast growing network. Then we all cross promote each other – share music and videos. No one is making money selling channel space – you need good content #1, then good partners for leverage #2, then you can diversify and leverage your new channels…

    For example I post my new music videos on my Waves page for a week and ask people to subscribe to my new channel if they like music videos… some do – some do not.. but now I am reaching new people with new music related key words rather than just nature sounds Hawaii beaches ocean waves beach, etc…

    My recommendation is study the top guys very closely – we are all doing the same thing. Also search youtube for “Partner meeting” in LA last month for real inside tips from the top players themselves. I’m not a top player – yet – but I have partners who are and now know the game of how to create viral videos, get subscribers, etc.. my 3 other new channels won’t be nature related but go for entertainment and the mainstream kid audience.

  8. Kay Ballard

    on 4th Nov, 10 01:11am

    Bloody brilliant!

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