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LESSON 5: An Overlooked Goldmine: YouTube Comments

Something as simple as writing a couple of lines in a comment box can get you dozens of subscribers evey single week.

youtube comment box

I know why writing comments is so overlooked. It’s because people don’t know how to get results from doing it and thus it makes them think comments are useless.

The problem is in them, the problem is in you.

Comments are a goldmine!

To make good videos you have to learn and develop some skills, the more you train and study from guides and from watching tutorials the better your videos are.

In order to get results from leaving comments on people’s videos and blog posts you have to know how to actually do it.

It’s not something that will take you months to learn, in fact you can get instant results if you start to apply these tips as soon as you finish reading this lesson.

Here is a little example…

One comment can be written in no more than eight seconds.

Eight seconds can be turned into at least six curious youtubers.

Four of those can become lovers and the other two haters.

You want to have at least as many lovers as haters (better be more of the first ones though) but you don’t want indiferent people around you.

Do you have a PC or a Mac? iPhone or Android? Do you love Justin Bieber or would you like to put a strap on his lips and shave his hair off? Either way, they are always under the spotlight.

Why? Because people talk.

If you learn how to write comments that spark a conversation you’ll get people interested and talking about your brand.

How do you do it? It’s simple, stand out.

Go to a popular video and see what kind of comments are there. You’ll see a lot of those “awesome”, “very good”, “loved it”, “please watch my videos and subscribe”, “funny lol”, etc.

Those comments aren’t really comments. They are rubbish.

Every now and then you get to a comment that is a bit more elaborated, maybe just two or three lines. Those are the ones that get read. I’m sure you got at least one of those cool comments once. You read it, and you clicked throught to see who was the guy writing. Didn’t you?

It works.

Next time you watch a video or read a blog post, before you click away remember this:

Every single comment counts.

Invest eight seconds
, that’s all you need. One comment is one more link to your channel or website, one more chance to get people to see your work, to watch your videos, to listen to your message.

It pays off.

In blog posts it’s the same. If you don’t have a website but you have a youtube channel, when it prompts you for a url just use the link to your channel. If people is interested in what you are saying they might as well click throught to check what you have to offer.

So here are 5 easy tips that you can use to write better comments to get more views and subscribers on youtube.

5 Easy Tips To Write Better Comments On YouTube

1- Stay away from short two-words comments.

If people write one line you write three lines. Stand out in structure and meaning.

2-Always sign your comments with your name.

It makes them more personal and gives you more credibility. At least you are not hiding behind a nickname.

3-Don’t ask favours like “subscribe me” or “watch my videos”.

People tend to ignore those kind of stupid requests. Make them want to investigate you by themselves instead. Spark their curiosity and use you own version of the good ol’ “don’t click” principle.

4-Use the “skip to second” feature.

On youtube you can specify a certain point in a video by typing in the time like this “2:18″…

The time will be turned into a clickable link and will make the video start playing at 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

Use this to tell people about things that happened in different parts of their videos.
Since they don’t know what happened there exactly they will click to check, and once they’ve done it the chances that you’ll get a reply will be much higher as they alredy took action.

5-Step into active conversations

If you find a comment that already turned into a little discussion (if the video creator replied to someone’s comment) step into the game and position yourself for or against the different parties. Leave a threaded comment under another comment. This will notify both the video owner and the commenter so your chances of getting noticed will increase.

Here is an extra technique you can use (but not abuse), it’s a bit sketchy but a lot of fun when done right:

Mastering Hate Comments To Get More Views On YouTube

So what are you going to do in the next eight seconds? ;)

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  1. Gideon Shalwick

    on 2nd May, 10 10:05pm

    Nice tips Alejandro

    Can you please subscribe to my channel?

    … just kidding hehehe!

    Nah seriously… great tips for getting attention – I’m definitely going to try the 02:18 thing… makes a lot of sense to me.

    Another tip for comments and getting the attention of the channel owner is to ask them for an interview (only if you think they are interview worthy of course!).

    That way you definitely get their attention, and also have the opportunity to build a really strong bond with them.

    And then you can do JV stuff together in the future…

    Works like a charm!

    Thanks again for the tips!

    Gideon Shalwick

  2. Zachthecat1

    on 11th May, 10 03:05am

    Cool, ill try it out.

  3. Nate

    on 19th Jun, 10 01:06pm

    Thanks once again for a great post Alejandro…


  4. admin

    on 19th Jun, 10 04:06pm

    Thank YOU Nate, I hope this works for you man, you are one of my best students so I’m sure it will ;)



  5. Ryan Lars Lauwers

    on 30th Jun, 10 12:06pm

    great post really like it


  6. Tommy

    on 18th Jul, 10 07:07am

    Hey Alejandro,
    I would just like to take the time to say thanks for this tip. I have been reading more and more of your tips lately and I have enjoyed them. I hope they will help me become successful on YouTube and amongst other things. Keep up the great work.
    -Tommy / Racoon

  7. Name (required)

    on 2nd Aug, 11 05:08pm

    Thank you so much Alejandro. I share an account with my very best friend and we really need the advice! We are fairly new, so we are just getting the hang of YouTube. haha..Thanks again! :)

    -Tiffany Marie

  8. Manuel

    on 4th Oct, 11 10:10am

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