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Need Royalty Free Music for your YouTube Videos?

free songs for youtube

The other day I was hired to make a fashion video with my new canon t2i and it turned out great. I spent more time figuring out which music to use than editing the video in iMovie 11.

Because the company was going to use the video for commercial purposes I couldn’t just put a song from my iTunes library, so I started looking around for royalty free music and stock music.

I have some friends that produce decent music but I didn’t have the time for that. Before I tell you what I did, let me tell you about the different options out there for getting music that you can use on your youtube videos without worrying about getting your video removed or muted.

YouTube’s Audio ID technology automatically scans and detects copyrighted songs inside videos and, depending on who owns the rights, disables the audio or serves additional advertising on the video that is paid back to the rights holder.

Where to find good songs that you can use on YouTube

Here are some music sources you might wanna check out for your next youtube video projects:

Creative Commons

Not all Creative Commons licenses are equal. Artists can choose from four categories. The first, “attribution” (denoted as “by”), lets anyone share the work, provided they credit the creator. The “share alike” (sa) option lets others use your work, allowing they provide the same license for others to use the derivative works. “No derivative works” (nd) dictates the song can only be used verbatim. “Non-commercial” (nc) restricts songs to use in private videos, meaning companies or users looking to profit from advertising are out of luck.

Example: Incompetech

Stock Music

Stock audio libraries work just like stock photo libraries, allowing you to license music for a particular project. This is the option I used for my fashion video. There are a lot of stock music sites that you can purchase songs for your youtube videos. Here are some…

Examples: AudioJungle, Pond5

Pay-Per-Use Music

If you’re after a very specific sound, a more traditional pay-per-use license may be your best bet. Unlike the stock and creative commons options, most of the options are from professional, though not well-known, artists. Along with that may come higher prices. The costs depend largely on how specific your needs are, so if you need a specific song, expect to pay more.

Example: FriendlyMusic

Public Domain Music

Copyrights don’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to use recordings of the classics. While copyright protection expires 70 years after an artist’s death, that only covers the composition. So you can take your casio keyboard out of the hole and create your own version of the classic, and even license it and resell it.

I ended up paying around 60 bucks for 2 songs at Pond5 but the final result was pretty amazing. Where do you look for free music when you make your videos? Share a comment below ;)

Credits | Mashable

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  1. Benimation

    on 9th Dec, 10 05:12pm

    I usually make everything myself, and that includes music.
    In my latest video, though, I played ‘Tarantelle’ by Burgmüller; he died in 1874, so it’s pretty much legal..

  2. James

    on 10th Dec, 10 01:12am

    I usually make videos with no soundtrack on my channel at .
    I don’t know if that has a bad effect, but since started, I’ve been receiving an average of 50 total upload views per day.

  3. Name (required)

    on 24th Dec, 10 10:12pm

    If you are wondering where you can go to see if a song you want to use for your video is in public domain go here:

    This is a really great web site for this info.

  4. sherine

    on 13th Feb, 11 05:02pm has a whole lot of royalty free music and sound effects that are free,

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