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New YouTube Annotation Features and Tricks

youtube annotationsYouTube annotations were launched on June 2008. Today, they have added a bunch of new features to this tool that makes it so much useful. Here they are:

A brand new annotation editor – based on user feedback, we overhauled the annotation editor and moved most of the functionality to a new side panel to streamline annotation creation, editing and deletion while leaving the player less cluttered.
New annotation type – “Title” – Title annotations enable overlaying headlines, videos titles, credits and other “big text” on top of your video, just like you would with professional video editing tools.
New Font size options – you can now select from a combined set of six font sizes.
New color options – annotations are now available in 16 background colors and 14 font colors.

To start annotating your videos, go to My Videos and choose “Annotations” from the drop down menu next to the video you wish to annotate.

YouTube annotations is an effective tool for creating videos that are engaging, interactive, informative and entertaining. Annotations can help you hold a dialog with your viewers, call upon them to take action and get higher levels of engagement.

When used correctly, YouTube Annotations can improve viewership and grow your audience, you can also use annotations to leverage the views you get on your best videos and link them to those that are not so popular.

Via | Youtube Blog

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