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How To Become a YouTube Partner – A Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide on how to become a YouTube Partner if you have a small but growing YouTube channel.

Basically, to become a YouTube Partner and start to make money on youtube you must meet 3 basic requirements:

Requirements to Become a YouTube Partner

  1. Create original content.
  2. Own, or have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload.
  3. Upload videos regularly, or publish popular or commercially successful videos in other ways (such as DVDs sold online).

To meet the first requirement, all of your uploaded videos must meet the YouTube Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

To meet the second requirement, be sure that all components of your video are your original creation, even the audio or background music.

To meet the third requirement, you need views, comments and interaction from your audience.

Your videos must become “popular” and your goal is to turn viewers into loyal subscribers.

If you want to become a YouTube partner, then you should also study the moves of partners who are making money.

Choose a niche, and keep on adding videos. It seems the frequency of uploading does matter because YouTube asks people how often do they put up new videos when they apply for partnership.

Videos need to be original. After partnering, YouTube asks five questions for each uploaded video (if you want to enable revenue sharing ads) as to whether there are components like images, music, video clips, etc., taken from elsewhere, and you need to make a declaration.

Videos have to be informative and helpful, optimized with proper title, description, and tags, and content must be consistent around a topic or niche.

Some people have achieved partnership with not so many youtube views and under a thousand subscribers. Here is an interesting video that you might want to watch:
Do You Need a Lot Of Views To Become a YouTube Partner?

Do you have what it takes? Then apply now!

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YouTube “NextUp” Wants Partners to Make More Money

If you are a YouTube Partner with less than 300.000 subscribers you might want to apply for this new NextUp initiative.

In 2010 YouTube Partners generated more than 100 billion views and made millions of dollars through the revenue sharing Partner Program.

This year, 2011, they keep seeking for talented partners who want to rocket-launch their careers, generate even bigger profits and take their channels to the next level.

YouTube NextUp is about accelerating the growth of the next big YouTube stars

They are offering some cool incentives for you to sign up, so if you are a Partner don’t think twice, here is what’s up for grabs:

  • $35,000 in funding to produce a new project, purchase new tools or advance your overall YouTube careers
  • A spot at a four-day YouTube Creator Camp in which you’ll benefit from 1:1 mentoring and learn an array of production techniques from leading industry and YouTube experts
  • Promotion of your final work and channel
  • The opportunity to become better connected with a special community of aspiring and talented content creators from around the world

How To Apply For YouTube’s NextUp

Submit a short (up to three minute) video that best represents what you do and what you want to accomplish on YouTube.

They are also asking for short written responses that explain how you’d use the $35,000, why you want to be part of the program, and what you hope to learn at the YouTube Creator Camp.

All YouTube Partners can apply at by midnight PT on March 27, 2011.

Let me tell you something, last year youtube announced a similar thing for it’s 5th anniversary.

I mailed about it and one lucky HTGV member (Scott) got 2500 new subscribers, was invited to become a partner and also got featured on the homepage… OVERNIGHT (read it again here)

He did it because he read the email I sent and took action.

This year it could be you.

My advice? Sign up.


Are you a YouTube Partner? Feel free to leave a comment below with your channel’s name or link and the number of subscribers you have. And don’t forget to apply for the YouTube NextUp program!

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Produce Hundreds of YouTube Videos with Bulk Video Creator

There is a new youtube marketing software in town. It’s called Bulk Video Creator and it can generate hundreds of unique watermarked slideshow videos that you can upload to YouTube and other video sharing sites to spread your website’s url, get more backlinks and promote your affiliate links.

It’s very easy to use, just select an images folder on your computer and let it do the work for you. It randomizes the order of the images, the length of the video, the music and everything to make sure the output is unique and original (this is for those of you worried about duplicate content ;) )

Every video will also have a unique thumbnail so that you get more chances of being found on YouTube’s related videos sidebar.

get bulk video creator

I think it’s a very handy tool to use with a secondary youtube account to promote your website, affiliate products or even your main YouTube channel. Just add a watermark to the video and clickable links in the description, run it through Traffic Geyser (optional) and enjoy the fun.

I like the fact that Bulk Video Creator is a “push-button solution” software that everyone can use even if they don’t have any experience. It saves you a lot of time and only requires a one time payment to get your license.

But here is a word of warning though…

I can see people thinking that this could be the perfect software to spam their crappy “low value” content all around the “interwebz” and fill up youtube with stupid ad-like videos that dont offer anything to the viewer.

If you are one of these “smart” guys let me tell you something: Don’t expect anyone landing on your crappy-spammy videos to click through or even buy anything from you.

This software can be VERY useful if used correctly so be wise and don’t cross the line.

Here is a list with some of the features:

  • Each image only gets used once per video.
  • The images will maintain their aspect ratio.
  • Adjustable quantity of images per video.
  • Adjustable length (seconds) of each image appearing in video.
  • Adjustable quantity of videos produced by software.
  • You can select the video codec which will be used to generate your videos: xvid, wmv or mpeg4 v2.
  • Adjustable video bitrate.
  • Adjustable dimensions (width/height).
  • Click here to read the rest of the features

If you get it, email me your youtube channel so I can see how you are using it, I’m always open to exchanging creative marketing ideas.

Here is the link for Bulk Video Creator:


How Does TubeFool (YouTube Marketing Software) Actually Work?

A few weeks ago Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse got in touch with me to help them promote his new youtube marketing software “TubeFool“.

I knew quite a bunch of my friends had been looking for something like this so I decided to send out some emails about it.

Since then I’ve been getting questions from people who bought it and people who wanted to buy but weren’t completely clear about how the software actually works.

So, to make things easier for everyone Mark and Alex decided to shoot some screencast videos of them using the software.

Here is the “under the hood” look at TubeFool. In this video Mark Dulisse uses the app with some of his multiple youtube accounts to showcase all the features and tricks that Tube Fool has to offer:

Tube Fool one dollar trial

TubeFool Live Demo Part 1

Visit for more info and purchase options

TubeFool Live Demo Part 2

Visit for more info and purchase options

If you’ve watched these two videos and the ones at the TubeFool homepage and still have questions about the software just leave a comment below or send me an email to “staff at”

YouTube Keyword Tool vs Google Keyword Tool (free webinar)

“This is a guest post by my friend Casey Zeman

So I was doing “Keyword” research on a video that I was uploading to YouTube (whatever that means), and I went into YouTube’s Keyword Tool to start looking for keywords to best optimize my video.

Keyword analysis is somewhat a nebulous thing for a lot of people. Myself included.

What the heck is a keyword?

youtube google keyword tool

What does it sound like to you? A keyword is a word that is key to whatever content you are creating. For instance if you are creating a video about Bunnies swimming, then the keywords would have to do with Bunnies Swimming. But is that it?

Well, yes and no.

There are many people who go deep into Keyword Mad Scientist Mode. They don’t sleep, bathe, eat or anything else but lock them selves in a room believing that they are cracking “THE CODE” to keyword analysis.

Really just wasting precious time.

This is what I call extreme overkill…a version of analysis of paralysis.

However, on the latter end, there are people who UNDERKILL. This is where you really don’t offer enough keywords for the content or go completely unrelated to the content in terms of keyword placement.
For instance, the Bunnie’s Swimming video is tagged with “Make Money Online”.

Clearly those two things have a ton in common… NOT.

So what is the best solution for keyword optimization?

Google and YouTube both have keyword tools. I discovered, kind of on accident that just because a video is keyword optimized for YouTube doesn’t mean that it is optimized for Google… and Vice Versa.

Can your video get low searches on YouTube but still get to the First Page of GOOGLE?

I decided to answer this question for you:


I have set up The “Google vs. YouTube CAGE MATCH” Webinar (Don King Style) in regards to keyword optimization for VIDEO.

This free webinar will be held on Saturday the 26th of February, 2011.

It is an hour long all about how to best optimize your YouTube videos depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

If you want in just register at gotomeeting here:

Casey Zeman

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