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The 4 Fastest Ways To Increase Youtube Views You MUST Know

increase youtube viewsI’m writing this post because a big percentage of people in my email list are internet marketers and small business owners who already know how to create engaging videos, have something of value to offer to their viewers (their products) and also know how to use strong “call to action” messages at the end of their videos. But the reason why they are here is because they want to get more traffic and views to deliver their message to as many potential customers as possible.

If you are not one of them don’t worry, this information will open your eyes to new ways to promote your videos with little to no investment that will really put you several steps ahead of your competition.

The more views your youtube video has the more views it will get.

It’s not a secret that youtube videos are one of the most treasured traffic sources for website and blog owners.

In fact, YouTube is the second website in the word that drives more traffic to my “card flourishes” blog right after Google.

With over eight thousand youtube views per day on my videos I could only expect a nice bunch of those guys clicking the link in the description box…

So what is the quickest way to increase youtube views?

There are four basic ways to do this but only two of them that I would recommend if you don’t want to get broke or burn your money for nothing. Let’s take a look at them:

YouTube Promoted Videos

The first method is about directly paying youtube to highlight your videos using pay per click (PPC) with their Promoted Videos service.

This is not a bad way to do it but it requires a huge monetary investment to get your videos seen as you would be paying “a bit less than a dollar” every time your video gets played.

Some big companies use this and they get a good ROI (return on investment) in the long term but that’s because they know how to convert every viewer into a new customer.

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have a few thousand dollars spare to put into youtube video marketing per month.

Outsource Or Hire An Agent

This is what I would most likely do if I wanted to focus all my attention into creating content and value instead of trying to get it seen. You can hire a video marketing manager or agency that will put your videos in the spotlight using all the resources and sinergies they’ve built from their many years of experience and contacts in the different media platforms.

Of course not everyone can afford this but if you value your time or don’t want to go throught the whole trial and error you might want to put this task in the hands of someone that knows what he’s doing.

I work for a few local businesses and online stores and I provide personal coaching and advice on video marketing and social media so if you feel this is something you might be interested in just send me an email and we’ll schedule a call.

Buy Cheap YouTube Views

The third way is to buy cheap youtube views, and when I say cheap I mean fake proxy-generated traffic to inflate your views count.

I don’t recommend this to anyone as there are better ways to invest your money to get your videos seen without taking the risk of getting caught cheating.

It might do the job on the eyes but you don’t really get the value of a real person watching your videos.

Most of the time your videos will get frozen as youtube is able to identify these kinds of fake views even if the providers or “fake youtube views dealers” use blackhat techniques to change IPs and switch through big proxy lists. You also take the risk of getting your videos taken down and even your account banned for life for trying to cheat the system.

Use LEGIT YouTube Marketing Software

I’ve covered the best video marketing software apps of 2011 in this resources page, make sure you check it out:

BONUS: Create Really Awesome Videos!

The easiest way to get views is to spend time and effort in the video creation process. If the video is SUPER high quality (both the content and visual aspects) people will reward you for it by naturally sharing it with their friends and recommending it to high traffic blogs.

If you want to learn how to create better videos, my friend Gideon Shalwick has put up a great guide on YouTube video marketing and rapid video creation that you can get for free.

It has tons of great tips that I personally use on my videos and are responsible of my fast growth of views and subscribers in the last year. You can check out his free report here and make sure you watch the video that comes up right after you download it. Pure gold.

download rapid video blogging report

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  1. UtubeTrafficPro

    on 9th Jun, 10 04:06pm

    I prefer the legal way to get more views and subscribers on YouTube. You tube checks proxy servers and more so sooner or later they will catch up with all fake viewing paid for or not.

  2. FanPageBookie

    on 26th Sep, 10 05:09am

    Great Info. went to and they also have a great service. Thanks for the link..

  3. Name (required)

    on 9th Dec, 10 12:12pm

    Is there other genuine way to increase number of views.

  4. andy

    on 27th Dec, 10 04:12pm

    Yes just spam your video all over facebook people click on any old shit on facebook. If you have no friends just add random dickheads to about 5 fake accounts

  5. Marc

    on 26th Feb, 11 03:02am

    Check out this song from an up and coming artist…

  6. Maurojo1

    on 1st Apr, 11 06:04pm

    While this advice might be well intentioned,the best way to get more viewers in YouTube is to produce engaging videos! and be patient. Just to prove my point,check my channel and notice the quality and content of the videos I uploaded. Pay attention to the “content” of the video. Those videos with more funny content have been increasing the number of viewers. Try it on your own videos! it works.
    thanks for visiting. I hope you also increase the number of viewers.

  7. Ryan

    on 1st Apr, 11 09:04pm

    The best way to get traffic is to offer friendship. If you have more friends, it’s more views. If you want to be my friend add me. Easy

  8. Morientes

    on 26th Apr, 11 10:04pm

    My point of view is that nice and great video attracts more and more viewer than anything else. So it is simple, make better and better video and gain more and more viewer

  9. Name (required)

    on 29th Apr, 11 12:04am

    The niche and industry you serve, mine being real estate, means shoot, edit, render and upload videos on local community events. Do the same with helpful real estate videos and then go easy on the branding. No one really wants to see a smiling like a monkey real estate agent, broker telling you about his awards and on and on about no much with a car dashboard cam during eight lanes of traffic. Do videos someone can use, that are simple, helpful and consistent the key. The biggest critics of video are not doing them. Be tough skinned. They get better

  10. Jullanar Shukree

    on 7th Jun, 11 01:06pm

    It is very difficult to increase views because there is so much competition. Right now I am just being patient and hoping that more people will view and join based on our youtube views.

  11. jiniom

    on 18th Jun, 11 10:06am

    thanks for great article….

  12. Ella

    on 24th Jun, 11 08:06am

    Nice tips. But I think it is also a good way to make video with interesting content to attract more subscribers, such as do giveaway, share freebie with viewers, talk about hottest topic, etc.

  13. Name (required)

    on 1st Jul, 11 09:07am

    must watch how to irritate

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