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The End Of Flip Video Cameras

flip video camerasThe original FLIP video cameras are no longer being made. Cisco said it will “close down the Flip business and support current FlipShare customers and partners with a transition plan.” Whatever that means.

“Meanwhile, the allure of the Flip — low cost video that can easily be uploaded to websites like Facebook or YouTube — was superseded by video cameras built into smartphones. In addition to the video being as good (if not better) on modern smartphones, phones have a built-in data connection and can upload video directly to the web — no computer required.”

Everyone has an iPhone 4 android phone or an iPad 2 now and the HD capabilities of these devices make carrying a flip style camera… redundant.

This could mean good things to Kodak with his zi8 though but I’m sure they won’t last much longer.

If you own a flip camera or make videos with an iPhone 4 or iPad 2 you might want to take a look at this course on how to shoot and edit professional HD videos with these awesome gadgets. Check it out here:

How To Record And Edit PRO HD Videos With A Pocket Camera

Will they become a “collectors item”? Time will tell.

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