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Tube Increaser and Tube Thumper Don’t Work – Problems & Risks

This post is about How NOT To Increase Youtube Views using blackhat software like Tube Increaser, Tube Thumper and other “proxy list based” youtube views increasers.

These applications require you to leave your pc on for as long as you want to get views as what they really do is refresh your internet browser to play your video over and over again.

Proxy Support – Routes views through worldwide free proxy ip addresses so that views dont all come from one ip address. -7th Tube Thumper Feature.

They use a proxy list to try to cheat youtube by faking the source of the views. They also use scripts and bots to change your IP so it looks like different people watching your videos.

But the guys at YouTube -and Google- are not stupid.

I’m sure anyone of them could have coded such cheap applications when they were 14 years old. If you know just a bit of javascript or any other simple programing language then you’ve already figured out a way to do this yourself.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it as these methods don’t work, and most importantly, you will put your youtube account under the risk of being banned or your videos taken down forever.

Have you ever heard of frozen youtube views or how views counter get’s stuck? Well, using these apps wont get you past 300 views, if you are lucky.

Let’s take a quick look at their websites and frequently asked questions…


Tube Increaser does not work

This is an excerpt taken straight from Tube Increaser’s FAQ:

Do I need proxies to increase my YouTube views?

Yes you do – In the instructions panel in the tube increaser, you will find a text document that you can use. This is updated daily for you.”


Tube Thumper does not work

And this one comes from Tube Thumper

What are proxies and what do they do?

The proxy list is an optional included feature that makes it so the hits are routed through other servers around the world (so they don’t appear to all be coming from the same computer).”

So are there any legal alternatives to these applications?

The answer in an upcoming post…

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  1. Vinit

    on 28th Oct, 10 05:10pm

    Can u give me the trick plz..That would a great help.thanks in adv

  2. nanisimi3

    on 12th Nov, 10 11:11pm

    What do you have to say?

  3. saintraw

    on 12th Feb, 11 04:02pm

    Can u give me the tricks

  4. laxman

    on 10th Jun, 11 01:06am

    please give me trikc sir…

  5. Name (required)

    on 28th Jun, 11 05:06pm

    This is funny, Sure these softwares dont work anymore, The way i see it guys is, If your video is worthy it will get plays without u doing anything.

    I uploaded a ryan dunn video and had 80,000 views in 2 1/2 days, people shared it, i did nothing.

    so point is, if ur video is worthy and “in” right now ull get views immediately and the statistics will usually update by the hour, not 24 hours

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