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Two of my videos are Featured on YouTube’s Homepage right now

featured on youtube Quick update guys, my channel keeps growing every day.

It feels great waking up in the morning to such good news.

When I started How To Get Views back in February I had around 4700 subscribers. Yesterday I passed 13.000 subscribers… Not bad eh!

Anyway, here is a screenshot from YouTube’s Homepage here in Spain. I have two videos featured there right now!

I just want to say that no matter how hard you think this is, please never give up, keep learning and experimenting new stuff and you’ll soon get the attention of your audience. Focus on your niche and become a celebrity. That’s the most important advice I can give you.

Know who you are communicating with and BE ONE OF THEM, just cooler :D

More awesome stuff coming in 2011.

I’ll help you make it. It’s not that hard ;)


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  1. TK

    on 3rd Jan, 11 10:01pm

    I am still waiting to get featured. How did you do it?

  2. TK

    on 3rd Jan, 11 10:01pm

    I am still waiting to get featured.

  3. Name (required)

    on 8th Jan, 11 11:01am

    I am featured adn not sure if ai shoul get excited ot not its a muisc vid right by bieber and eminem. N ot sure hwo long it wil be just saw it about two hours this good how long with the vid stay featured?

  4. admin

    on 8th Jan, 11 12:01pm

    What’s your video URL?

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