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Video Spin Blaster – YouTube Marketing Software

I’ve just found a new YouTube Marketing Software that lets you create unique videos in bulk from random images, with background music and a watermark to promote your website’s url or logo.

The coolest thing about it is the speed of the process and the affordable price. Check it out:

Click Here To Check Out Video Spin Blaster Website and make sure you read the reviews and warrior’s comments.

I talked about Bulk Video Creator here a few weeks ago but this Video Spin Blaster has some cool features like video spinning that might appeal to the aggressive CPA YouTube video marketer.

I don’t personally do this kind of CPA greyhat/blackhat tactics but it might be worth a try if you can’t find a better way to money online…

In any case, I think it’s worth a mention in the blog because I’m sure a lot of people will be able to find a good -legit- use for this tool. Just don’t go mad posting crappy videos all over YouTube, please.

Anyway, here is what the Video Spin Blaster software does:

Video Spin Blaster allows you to create a 10 minute HD video in less then 10 seconds. The output file will be smaller than 1 MB so that uploading it to YouTube will take you just a few seconds.

Take a look at this comparative chart between Video Spin Blaster, Windows Movie Maker and Camtasia.

video spin blaster

Video Spin Blaster generates hundreds of videos with the click of one button…

All you have to do is add some images to your project , select the number of videos that you want to create and click on the generate button. It will automatically create multiple unique videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube.

This tool is developed by Video Marketers for Video Marketers

Everything is better, faster and smoother than all the other video tools out there. The fact is that you can actually create a 10 minute medium size video in less than 5 seconds.

These are the top features of Video Spin Blaster:

    Generate mass videos from images
    Change audio of video
    Add watermark to video
    Select custom video size
    Auto-save system
    Spin existing video (make it unique)
    Change audio of existing video
    Add watermark to existing video
    Very small file size
    Very fast video processing (10 minute video HD in about 10 seconds)
    Multiple project support
    Auto-resize images to fit video
    Control output video quality (select 1 of 10 quality levels)
    Use random audio files from a directory when creating videos

Click Here To Go To The Video Spin Blaster Website

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  1. nate

    on 11th Nov, 11 04:11am

    nice info, but what is product video some product will banned by youtube?

  2. Shakira Whetten

    on 25th Nov, 11 11:11pm

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know where I can find more resources on this topic?

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