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Video Sponsoring – Trying Out the “YouTube King” Techniques

If you are in my email list you know I’ve been playing around with some of the “king tricks” taught inside Paul McGregor’s video sponsoring course.

I like the fact that it he’s teaching stuff that everyone can use to get more traffic, increase youtube views, get more exposure and make money on youtube… Even if you are not a youtube partner.

I sent out an email with link to a private “workflow” video from inside the course but you might not have got it so if you want to take a look just let me know (via email or comments) and I’ll give you access.

It’s a video where he shows what a typical day looks like, how he approaches JVs on youtube to do collabs for contests and sponsorships.

youtube video sponsoring

I made 200 bucks the next day of getting the YouTube King course just by sending an email to a guy with a youtube channel so I can see everyone making money and getting traffic using these “king tricks”.

Let me know if you want to check out the private video and I’ll give you a password.


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  1. Madison

    on 13th Jul, 11 02:07pm

    i am researching the growth in social media outlets and would like to know more about this.

  2. Name (required)

    on 19th Jul, 11 10:07pm

    Hey, could u give me the password for it? Thanks :)

  3. Kai

    on 9th Oct, 11 09:10am

    Hi I’d love to check out private work flow video. Could you send me the password? Thanks!

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