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Watch Yourself When Shooting Vlogs on a Flip-Style Camera

One of the problems you face when shooting yourself on video with a pocket video cam or a DSLR is that you can’t watch yourself in the frame when you are doing a “one man show”.

That means you are the Star talking or performing in front of the camera but also the one operating the controls “behind the scenes”, and you are doing it all at the same time!

Some video cameras come with a flip screen or twistable display that you can pop out to watch yourself while recording, but most affordable pocket cameras don’t, and that’s a big handicap if you want to produce high quality videos or cut down the number of “test shots” you take before the final product.

I’ve always been a fan of DIY solutions that make my gadgets look like Frankenstein, in fact you’d laugh at some of my “nokia phone mods” I did back when I was 16.

Anyway, Gideon Shalwick -the cheesy aussie ;) - has put out a new video that completely SOLVES this problem with flip cams and DSLRs.

In this video he shows you how to build a “RSSV-O-M” (remote-self-shooting-viewfinder-o-matic) aka a shaver’s mirror that you mount on your tripod for around ten bucks total.

Kinda cool eh!

If you want to check out more cool tips on how to enhance the video and sound quality on your flip-style pocket camera, or even your iPhone 4′s video camera, check out this video:
How to shoot KILLER video with your Flip-Style Pocket Camera in under an hour

I’m off to buy some tape :D


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  1. admin

    on 31st Aug, 10 10:08am

    I was used to my old sanyo xacti hd2000 with the twistable display thingie but now with the canon t2i i find myself needing to build this.

  2. Ivin

    on 1st Sep, 10 07:09am

    I still have an old camera which luckily flips.This is great when your camera hasn’t got that feature.

  3. TubeTizer

    on 17th Sep, 10 12:09am

    I also have a old camera which flips, however I recently bought a new camera and this post will be useful for that.

  4. doublejnyc

    on 14th Dec, 10 07:12am

    What camera did you shoot this podcast with? It looks amazing.

  5. admin

    on 14th Dec, 10 07:12am

    It’s a canon t2i / 550d you can see it in the recommended gear section in this post ;)

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