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YouTube Badges and Banners for your Blog

youtube banner

If you don’t have a blog yet then get one, period.

Blogs are one of the most powerful sources of traffic for your videos. I will make a post on how to get more views on youtube by setting up your own blog but if you already have one, or just want to pimp your myspace layout or youtube background here are some banners, badges and icons that you can use. I love them!

youtube bannersThere are tons more at the not so well known YouTube Creator’s Corner. This place has a lot of resources for video producers and plain youtube users. You should check it out because there is a lot of cool stuff you can learn from there. Of course not as in depth as How To Get Views but it’s a good place to start ;)

Get them at Creator’s Corner Downloads

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  7. Carl, The Background Locker

    on 6th Aug, 10 07:08am

    Great Post, but maybe I can add something?

    In addition to the great badges and banners (by YouTube) for YouTube, The default YouTube layouts are just to plain. You’re going to have to get something more well designed if you plan on becoming a sensation.

    Those badges are great to add to a stylish blog, but what’s a stylish website with a boring YouTube Channel? Nothing….

    Anyways, great post, ‘admin’, I’m now (somewhat) intrigued in the blog, so good job, and keep it up!

    (By the way, there are many sites that offer free YouTube Layouts/Backgrounds, so dont hesitate to Google them xD)

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