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YouTube Charts – Most Viewed Videos and Subscribed Users

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YouTube has just released a new page called Charts. It will show you the most watched videos, most liked (previously “top rated”) and even the users with the most subscribers. You can filter as “all time”, “today”, “this week” and “this month”.

It will show you the top 10 rankings on the first page and a navigation bar on the bottom to watch up to 100 results.

YouTube Charts shows you the Top 100 most watched videos and most subscribed youtubers but also the videos that people “thumb up” more.

I wrote about the most watched videos of all time back in June but I guess YouTube Charts is going to make things easier to discover up and coming youtube stars.

Use YouTube Charts to Increase YouTube Views and Subscribers

Here is a little idea that will get you more views and subscribers. Sort the videos as “most liked today” and leave a few -constructive- comments on them. Don’t copy paste or use comment templates, watch the videos and say something about them.

Ask your friends to vote your comment thumbs up and you’ll get your comment featured on top of the comments list.

People read comments from top to bottom so if you said something relevant -and interesting enough- your chances of getting them to click on your name and watch your channel will increase. So will your channel views, video views and -if you did everything correctly- your subscribers.

Do you have other ideas for YouTube Charts? Share them below.

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